The Orange Dress

Hello Ladies,

I wore this dress about 2 weeks ago to a friend’s wedding. I have realized that I go out of my way to dress up for my friend’s weddings. Most girls do. It’s a sort of show of love 🙂 We will go all out if the people are close to us. This friend was one of those.

I got the fabric from Rwanda last year and kept it until this special occasion.

It is a very simple design…actually the nice fabric is what made it stand out….and maybe the low back.. I wanted something simple I could wear anywhere even to church 🙂



Fundi – Esther

Location – Equity Donholm

Cost – Ksh. 1,800

Contact – 0731114371

Overal Feeling – She is one of my favorite fundis. I was happy with her job though I felt like the dress made me look too small. That’s why I added the belt…. Otherwise I love the dress! 🙂

All the best ladies!




Now this girl!!! I met her randomly at a wedding a few months ago. She is my hero in business. She is a self taught designer and tailor. I thought she was bluffing until she made something for me and it was perfect. No adjustments at all!

Her famous words are that business pays. She probably does not know it but she is playing a big role in encouraging me to go into full time baking! Cool peeps!

Here is the skirt she did for me. The design was mine but fabric was hers. She charged me 1200 bob for everything and had my skirt ready in time for the wedding. It took her a week 🙂


Cool manenoz yeah? Yeah!

Sheila is her name. Her number 0724313457. Call her and let her GLAM you up 🙂



My Skirt Craze

Hello Good People!!

I have not written in this section for so long. Many have asked me about my yummy and somewhat crazy skirts. Here we go 🙂

I rocked this skirt for my birthday this past Sunday. I simply love it!! 🙂


A nice vest and a belt and you look like a star!! LOL! 🙂

I bought fabric from Nairobi Textile at 1800 bob. Enough fabric remained for a knee length dress.

Fundi is Sam. He made it in a week, charged me 800 bob and he is based next to Uchumi Buruburu.

His number 0720210815.

It is perfect for this hot festive weather.

Let me share one more 🙂


Yeah. It’s the same belt. I love it. I will look for new colors.

I bought the fabric at Nairobi Textile for like 800 bob. Tie and dye is usually much cheaper…

Fundi is Esther. She is at Equity Donholm, took like 2 weeks and charged me 1800 for the skirt and a small cute coat.

Her number is 0731114371.

All the best ladies 🙂



Kente Top



I love this top a lot!! First thing i need you guys to know is that it is like 4 years old yet it still looks so new! My sister Kalo and I got this fabric from Ghana. It is called Kente. There is Kente available in Kenya but the Ghana one’s are too amazing! They take forever to fade! Simply beautiful fabric. The fundi who made this is my personal favorite! She has her flaws but her work is superb. She gets my fitting perfectly and for this reason, I will post many more outfits she has done for me.

Fabric source – Ghana
Fabric cost – 4,000 – 5000 (that was 4 years ago)
Fundi’s name – Esther
Fundi’s number – 0721 492 411
Fundi location – Around Caltex Donholm
Cost for making the top – 700 (that was 4 years ago)
General Fundi Rating – Very Good!! Her work is extremely good and she is very creative. She brings out the dress looking better than it looked in my head! 🙂
The downside with her is timings! She has not managed to deliver on time on any occasion since I started working with her. This is very frustrating but I always forget all these problems the moment I see her work 😀 😉

All the best!!


Kitenge/Ankara Pants

I have decided to add a new category to my blog. I will call it fashion. I get so many messages and calls from people wanting to know where I get my clothes made and also where i buy my fabric. I love all things kitenge and I have on something kitenge nearly every single day. I will be posting information on fabric, fundis(I have many fundis) 🙂 , costs and my experiences with the different fundis here. I hope this helps you make a wise choice and look amazing too.



Printed pants are so amazing but they can be tricky too if made badly. This fundi tried and I like the pants. I wish they were just a little bit bigger though…just a bit especially at the hips. I like to have breathing space! 🙂 😀

Fabric – Nairobi textiles

Fabric Price – 1500

Fundi – Vio (0724908540)

Fundi Location – Jericho Market

Fundi fees – 700

Overall Rating – Good. She did not finish in the time we agreed so you should expect this to happen when you choose to go to her.

All the Best. 🙂