The Orange Dress

Hello Ladies,

I wore this dress about 2 weeks ago to a friend’s wedding. I have realized that I go out of my way to dress up for my friend’s weddings. Most girls do. It’s a sort of show of love 🙂 We will go all out if the people are close to us. This friend was one of those.

I got the fabric from Rwanda last year and kept it until this special occasion.

It is a very simple design…actually the nice fabric is what made it stand out….and maybe the low back.. I wanted something simple I could wear anywhere even to church 🙂



Fundi – Esther

Location – Equity Donholm

Cost – Ksh. 1,800

Contact – 0731114371

Overal Feeling – She is one of my favorite fundis. I was happy with her job though I felt like the dress made me look too small. That’s why I added the belt…. Otherwise I love the dress! 🙂

All the best ladies!



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