Perfectionists. Really loyal people. People who love hard. Sensitive souls. These kind of people are very prone to offense. This is because they believe that they love without holding back and they expect the same from the world. 

I am one of these people. I can give everything to friends and family. I am a die hard loyal so you can imagine the many times I recoil when I am hit by things like gossip, failure to keep a promise, misunderstandings and any form of failure from another party. This feeling of disappointment is somewhat normal because of how such people are created but remaining hurt and offended is the problem. 

I have been thinking about this today as I spent time with God. He wants us to be free from hurt, free from offence, free free free. We cannot run this race of life with such baggage(weights). He expects us to know that only He is perfect. Only He can be that perfect person in our lives. He wants us to know that we are also imperfect. That He loves us unconditionally despite our imperfections. He wants us to know that as His children we grow to love like He does. Having received His perfect love and being completely content and whole in it, then we can love people despite their shortcomings. We can even put ourselves in their shoes and be surprised by what we find there. 

My husband reminds me constantly about this. He is the first person I have seen who constantly walks in the path of zero offense. He makes it look so easy. He is submerged in PEACE. I thank God for such an example. 

How beautiful a truth for me and you today. Let’s cut people some slack! Let’s forgive and let it go. I am not saying that we have to keep all people close to us. However we can have zero hard feelings towards anyone and even be willing to pray for them and be there for them when they need us. This is love manifested through us. A much better path. A God path! 

To freedom and love. 

1 Cor 13:8a

Love never fails!! 

Too old to learn?

I have been wanting to learn how to ride a bike! I wanted it so much! I thought the desire was a bit far fetched because i am not a teenager any more. However one day i met up with a girlfriend of mine and she told me how just a week before she taught herself in just one day! I couldn’t believe my ears! My hopes shot up so high and yesterday it happened for me.

I was having sort of a bad day at city council offices and i thought our cycling date would not happen. I met her though and she psyked me up so much! We were to go at noon and it was going to 3pm but she was still willing to go all the way to Karura forest just for me! She is such a cool human! We went to Karura forest, hired 2 bikes and now i can ride a bike! wooooohuuu! I am not a pro but i can takeoff by myself, ride for long, control the bike and even stop when i need to without causing too much of a spectacle! hehe!


At the end of the day every inch of my body was painful, i was dirty and sweaty and tired but i could ride a bike!!!!!ย  I must admit that it was not easy at first. I spent the first 30 mins afraid to put both feet on the pedals. I felt safer with one foot on the ground but I knew I was never going to ride like that. My girl was so patient with me, she kept encouraging me and when I finally took off, the rest is history. She kept reminding me to pedal and to look up….as long as i did that i kept moving. That is a life lesson right there; keep your eyes up on Jesus, our hope and strength, and keep pedaling! Keep moving and don’t give up.


You might not relate with my bike story but that was not necessarily the point. My point is this; what dream (big or small) have you given up on? You might feel like you missed the chance to start on it or finish it. It’s not too late! It could be going back to school, learning to swim or drive a car, learning to play an instrument or perfect your singing, painting, drawing, dancing. It could be cooking lessons that you wanted to start or web design or playing darts! It could be knowing God more or reading through the whole bible. It could be anything! It’s not too late. You can learn at whatever age. That’s how God created us! We are His masterpieces created with brilliant minds that can keep learning throughout life!


Let this be the year you pick up the dream you had stashed away, dust it off and get on it. May He give you a friend or even a stranger to help you with it like He did me. Shine and fly!! 2016 is the year of greatness!

God is good!!


BETTER? Not really!

My 27th birthday is in exactly a week and i have made it a tradition to make the whole week special. I take time to fast and pray, reflect on the year that has been, evaluate my life, give thanks, make some changes, reinforce the good etc. The first day of this process is already so heavy!

It’s been a great year. I can use one word to describe it: NEW! I have met so many new people, i visited a new country, i got totally new experiences, i quit my job, I got to know God in a totally new way, became an auntie to the most adorable boy in the world, fell in love….NEW! NEW! NEW!

New is good. It grows us and is proof that we are alive; that we are still growing and learning. I have learned though that new can also be destructive. There has to be a link and a balance between all you are learning and adopting and all you have learned and been in the past.

The new I encountered was powerful! So powerful that it threatened to topple me over. This is dangerous. It should add to me and make me better. It should not erode me. It should not make me feel small. Change should sharpen you not make you blunt and ineffective. That is the positive kind of change. If you feel confused and overwhelmed then it could be a sign that you need to slow down and remember who you are.

You my friend did not just appear from thin air. You are a product of everyone and everything you have encountered in your life. All your experiences are important. They make you the unique vessel that if surrendered to God will reach many that only you can reach. There are changes in the world that ONLY you can make. By no means should we dwell in the past. That is not my point. My point is that you matter. Your experiences matter. Bad, good, even terrible. They can all look beautiful depending on where you are looking from! ๐Ÿ™‚

We are here now. Don’t let anyone convince you that their past is better than yours. Better is a wrong concept. What is BETTER? What does that even mean? I have grown to loathe comparisons. How can we compare each other’s lives? How? We are all so unique. So beautiful. So great. Comparison is the source of all pride, hate and low self worth in the world. Do YOU! Your circumstances may not have been perfect but they are what you got. Appreciate what you got from them and thrive. Let other people from the same messes see how you blossomed despite the thorns. Also, no one’s life has been perfect. I know this for a fact! No one’s life is perfect. PERFECT is a theory! Live your own life. Stay on your lane! Run YOUR race. You are the perfect candidate for a wonderful life. You are the  perfect candidate for a phenomenal finish!


I thank God for my life! I thank God for my family, they are truly some of the most amazing people in the world. I thank God for my upbringing, for the primary school i went to that no one knows about, for the lessons i have gathered in life, for all the wonderful and even strange friends i have had over the years, for math, for the church i went to most of my life, for the fears and losses, for lack and abundance, for youth camps, for heartbreaks, for art and art school, for straight hair and locks and afros, for k south and racecource and eastleigh and buru buru, for korea, for syracuse and finland, for AIC Ziwani sunday school, for Word of Life camp, for the love and exposure to beautiful and diverse music, for kitenge and my fashion journey, for nairobi west, for Kiilu and Juma and Simo and Baraka, for Orange and Mwango and Anuj and Aggie and Vincent, for cakes and cards, for Daystar, for Narok and missions, for Waihiga, for bs, for tears, for once being overweight, for Altars of Incense and VOW……Whaaaaat?!!! I thank God for Jesus. He remained constant through it all!!

That represents different random things that flood my brain as I think about where i have come from. It’s rich and crazy and beautiful too.

You are the perfect candidate for a wonderful finish!!!!! Your experiences matter! Your uniqueness matters! BETTER and PERFECT don’t exist! God loves you, ALL of you! Don’t forget that!


Present for Happy

I know they say a friend in need is a friend indeed. That is true. Very true. However in the recent past I have discovered yet another truth, an even more true friend is one who is truly happy for you when you are happy. It’s easy to be there for someone when they are lacking or mourning. You send them money, take bags upon bags of shopping when you visit them, you can easily be present as they mourn. You can sleep over at their house, cook for their visitors and be there for the funeral that is usually somewhere in the bundus they call shagz. I agree all these things take sacrifice and love. I am not belittling them at all. It’s easy though to do this because in a way the person doing them is somewhat the one on top, they are not the ones in need, they are not the ones mourning.

However what about when you have just received a promotion at work 3 months after you received another one? What if you just got engaged to the most amazing man in the world? What if you just bought a house debt free? What if you just lost weight and you look soooo amazing? What if God has opened your eyes to His grace and these days you are full of joy? What if your business has picked up so fast and you are making millions? What if your gift is presenting you before kings? What if you just got a beautiful baby? What if your babies are scoring all A’s in school and favor is chasing them down every way they turn?

I have come to realize that a true friend is one who can TRULY celebrate your success. One who is not threatened by your achievements. The only person capable of such friendship is one who knows who they are. They are running their own race. They love themselves and their journey. They love God and trust His plans for everyone. Then and only then can a human being be sane enough to TRULY rejoice and celebrate another’s success.

You can recognize the not so happy friends of yours easily. The number one sign is they make you feel guilty for being happy. You nearly want to apologize for the good happening in your life when you are around them. You find yourself dulling your light trying not to ‘outshine’ them. Sharing how happy you are with them feels like you are showing off. This is an unhealthy way to live.

I pray that we can all find a few true friends who have arms strong enough to clap for us. Hearts pure enough to truly celebrate us… Most of all I pray that we ourselves can be these kind of friends to the people around us!

I thank God for the few true friends I have found in this season and the family I have.

To true, ‘present for happy’ people!



I got home this evening feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt like I had so much to do lately that I end up doing none of the things well.

Anyone feel like me? I was glad to find no one at home so I just sat in silence and talked to God. I asked Him to help me. I asked Him to give me strength and joy. I asked for wisdom to handle all my responsibilities. He started to show me some of the changes I need to make so as to maximize on the hours I have in a day. I felt joy and strength stream in. Sweet stuff!

Above all it is important to remember that there is a God who can handle all our problems. He is always in control and we need to learn to surrender to Him. We need to trust Him with every aspect of our lives. Don’t get ulcers trying to juggle everything by yourself. Stop trying to be superman! Ask God for help and rest in His love and wisdom.


The evening is going well. I am joyful and I am already half way done with the things I needed to do. It’s amazing what a few minutes in the presence of God can do!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Surrender your burdens and rest in God’s love tonight. He’s got you!

It is well!โ™กโ™ก


Chronicles of Business

I have not blogged for several months. I thank several of my friends for being on my case about not writing. Such pressure is super amazing and for that reason I am back. A post per week, so help me GOD! I have been up and about settling into full time business, serving GOD and falling in love….not an excuse for neglecting my writing though ๐Ÿ™‚

I bake for a living now and truth is i totally love it. I know GOD had a reason for keeping me in employment for those 3 years but truth is I really love this part of my journey. I do not dread Mondays and Mornings like I used to. In retrospect i see now that this was actually a hate for fresh starts and a love for endings like fridays and evenings. What a twisted way of living…

I have several lessons from my full time business experience:

1) Trusting God fully- Not having a salary at the end of the month has taught me that God is my provider. Not because it’s a cliche statement for Christians but because He really is. I depend on Him to give me clients and to help me keep them. I depend on Him to give me fresh decoration ideas and to help me make the complicated designs that my clients order for. I have not gone to any cake school and right now i don’t have constant internet so i can’t youtube how some designs are done. People keep telling me how I am gifted and I am sure some are tired of my response. I am not trying to sound over religious when i say it is Jesus because it actually is. I see miracles in my kitchen everyday. He goes to the point of giving me instructions on what colors to mix to get a certain shade i need.. sometimes i get dreams on how to make something that a client wants. No one can convince me that God does not exist because i see HIM at work every single day. I see Jesus in every single cake I make.


2) Friends of your business- I have learnt that there are people who are a great blessing to my business. They are a blessing in many different ways. Some act as a door or a link to many other clients. Some give you one order that catapults you to a whole new level of prowess and favor. Some are an encouragement through calling and constantly cheering you on. Some force you to grow by giving you a job that seems impossible. Some pay more than you asked for just because they feel your work is worth much more. Some pray for great blessings over your business. I thank God for each and every friend to my business, both known and unknown! ๐Ÿ™‚


3) Enemies of your business- Life is such that you cannot just have friends alone. Enemies are inevitable no matter how good you are. Enemies of my business to me come in several forms… Some are people who who refuse to pay you after you have done a job for them. Some are difficult customers who enjoy frustrating you. They keep changing the order, they shout, they pay late and worst of all some just attract bad vibe. The day you are baking for them is when electricity goes off, when there are no strawberries in the market, when matatus are on strike or just something crazy like that… lol! Their orders end up costing you more than you gain from it. I just pray against such clients. I love peace and mutual blessings between the clients and I.


4) Discipline- Business has taught me discipline. I am my own boss and no one will do my work if I don’t do it. I have to plan ahead so I can deliver quality cakes and in the required time. I have to deliver despite the challenges…. the client does not care whether there is electricity in my house or not. They do not care that I am unwell or my mum and I had a disagreement! ๐Ÿ˜€ If i took the job then I have to deliver. I work more than I did when I was employed. I do not need to be pushed by anyone. I am my business and my business is me. Business has really really instilled discipline in me. It can be tough sometimes but I really really love it and would not trade it for anything!

I thank God for the blessing of baking!

If you want to go into business or just doing your own thing then think about the things above. Please share with me your own business lessons. Would love to hear them.


Singles Prayer!

Someone emailed me this prayer and you will see why I usually say that I know some of the coolest people in the world! Such truthful and refreshing friends.

Singles Prayer

Lord, Sunday evenings have a way of reminding me just how single I am. I usually stare at my phone wishing I was telling Mr. Man about the weekend and the upcoming week. Listening keenly about how his sunday was. Sharing our aspirations for the week ahead and praying that God would go before us. Laughing our heads off on silly ‘inside’ jokes. Telling each other how we love each other and finally saying good night, both of us unable to shake off the anticipation for a time when we will finally get married. A time when there will be no good byes just see you later babie! A time when there will be no good night from a far but good night with his arms around me. A time when we can make love and stop all this chilling business! Lol! Lord you know I can’t wait to see that happening and you glorified in our love making! WHAT?!!! That is something right there!

Lord I keep feeling like he is just around me somewhere. If he is, then give us attraction that is all the way from the spirit to the body. A connection that we will easily recognize! A very rare kind of bond! They say I am a dreamer but Lord I want crazy attraction! Is that Odd Lord? I am already past accepting anyone who is not truly walking in you. That was settled! ๐Ÿ˜€ He will be crazy Godly, anointed, responsible, children loving, respectful and all that stuff that you and I have talked about many times! However one more thing I ask is crazy attraction. This might make waiting difficult but that is not negotiable so you Lord will enable us. I trust You Lord! Haha! This prayers of mine must be hilarious to you! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope! :-p


Sunday evenings are not too bad because I get to talk to you about them. I will stay strong! I will keep looking to you! I will keep serving you and loving on you!
Bring him soon though and don’t forget the attraction I say! ๐Ÿ˜€

I love you Lord!

Your girl,

Hilarious ey? I really laughed and thought my single friends would resonate like I did.

Strength to us all! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


My women!!

I have these 3 women who God gave me in His own mysterious ways. They have been praying with me and for me. They check up on me. They probably know all my stories and messes. They have been gracious enough to share their life stories with me too….mistakes and all! They teach me about God and calling and family. They have told me the plain truth when i needed to hear it. I bless God so much for them!!

We are scattered all over and we are in different phases of our lives but we walk on in love, grace and strength!!

Every lady should have some women of her own. Godly women at that. Older, sane and sanctified women to walk with. God please provide such women for everyone in need!

I love you Mnash, Mwika and Faith!!!



Titus 2:3-5
3 Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. 4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.


Boundless Love

All I ever wanted when I was young was to grow into a beautiful woman who wears make up and smells nice! I had an auntie who was oh so glamorous. I loved her blue mascara and her perfume!! At that age she seemed like a goddess!

I am still big on scents and fashion but I grew up to want much more! I want to be compassionate, I want to be generous, I want to be loyal, I want to be passionate, I want to see miracles, I want to play the saxophone, I want to sing and sing and sing, I want to help women start businesses, I want to bake for the president, I want to love broken young people to wholeness, I want to build homeless shelters so no one will sleep in the rain, I want to travel the world, I want 3 amazing babies, I want to selflessly serve God with my man til we are no more…..


I won’t lie that i have everything figured out, that I know exactly how I will do all this. However i am looking up and looking forward. I am hopeful and I have faith! A step at a time, a day at a time ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you want with your life? Who do you want to be? What really matters to you? What do you live for? Let’s choose purpose and things with lasting significance. Let’s make everyday count and be EVERYTHING God created us to be. Don’t just follow the status quo! Find out who you are and LIVE! Run YOUR race! :-*

He is a passionate God! How else would you explain sacrificing His son to die for a humanity that was so crazy and lost? It’s like He chose the most extreme way to show us just how much love He has for us. He held nothing back! Reckless love! Boundless love!

I don’t know about you but I want to live my life from this passionate example from Father God. We are created in His image afterall right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s live and make everyday count!


Daniel 11:32
They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits!! \o/


Man Enough

I went up country to bury one of my grandfathers yesterday. I came back thinking about men and manhood. See I have never seen my ‘real’ grandfather. He just up and left his wife and family many years ago. The one we buried was his brother.

My mind was wandering at the funeral yesterday as I just sat staring at my grandmother. How did that abandonment make her feel? Did her heart burn up with hurt the day she realised he was not coming back? Did she cry herself to sleep for a full year or something? Did she feel despair at the thought of raising my dad and all his 6 siblings? Was she mad at God? All I could do was wonder because all the years I have known her, she has shown no signs of that painful incident. She is the most joyful and loving woman I know. She loves God to a fault and she has stood by her family without any complaints.

My dad is another one I could not stop thinking about yesterday. His dad was with him the morning before he left. My dad was the first born and probably got to spend more time with him than all the other kids… How did that abandonment feel? How did it mess with him and his worth and his world view? He has been such an amazing dad to us. No proof of not having a father himself! I guess God is truly a father to the fatherless. It’s not a myth.


I wonder what made my grandfather run. Maybe it was the pressure of being a man, a husband, a father to 7 children and the responsibility that comes with all these titles. I have grown up with 3 brothers and I have watched them grow from boys to men. The responsibility of being a man is no small thing. Society and family all look up to you. It must feel like the whole world is on your shoulders! You don’t have to carry it all though… God is your father and in him is all strength and wisdom on what it means to be a real man. Let God lead and guide you. Get close to God, Abba Father!

I celebrate and pray for all the men in my life today! I see you doing your best and I celebrate you! You are important! You were not created a man by mistake. You can grow into the FULLNESS of the amazing man that God designed you to be. May God strengthen you, guide you, bless you and carry your burdens today!!

Women celebrate your husbands, your sons and your fathers today and everyday. Pray for them, love on them, respect them and be their peace! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚