Kente Top



I love this top a lot!! First thing i need you guys to know is that it is like 4 years old yet it still looks so new! My sister Kalo and I got this fabric from Ghana. It is called Kente. There is Kente available in Kenya but the Ghana one’s are too amazing! They take forever to fade! Simply beautiful fabric. The fundi who made this is my personal favorite! She has her flaws but her work is superb. She gets my fitting perfectly and for this reason, I will post many more outfits she has done for me.

Fabric source – Ghana
Fabric cost – 4,000 – 5000 (that was 4 years ago)
Fundi’s name – Esther
Fundi’s number – 0721 492 411
Fundi location – Around Caltex Donholm
Cost for making the top – 700 (that was 4 years ago)
General Fundi Rating – Very Good!! Her work is extremely good and she is very creative. She brings out the dress looking better than it looked in my head! 🙂
The downside with her is timings! She has not managed to deliver on time on any occasion since I started working with her. This is very frustrating but I always forget all these problems the moment I see her work 😀 😉

All the best!!


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