My Skirt Craze

Hello Good People!!

I have not written in this section for so long. Many have asked me about my yummy and somewhat crazy skirts. Here we go 🙂

I rocked this skirt for my birthday this past Sunday. I simply love it!! 🙂


A nice vest and a belt and you look like a star!! LOL! 🙂

I bought fabric from Nairobi Textile at 1800 bob. Enough fabric remained for a knee length dress.

Fundi is Sam. He made it in a week, charged me 800 bob and he is based next to Uchumi Buruburu.

His number 0720210815.

It is perfect for this hot festive weather.

Let me share one more 🙂


Yeah. It’s the same belt. I love it. I will look for new colors.

I bought the fabric at Nairobi Textile for like 800 bob. Tie and dye is usually much cheaper…

Fundi is Esther. She is at Equity Donholm, took like 2 weeks and charged me 1800 for the skirt and a small cute coat.

Her number is 0731114371.

All the best ladies 🙂



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