Tash’s story Part 3

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The short stories are back again. Kindly find Part 1 and 2 here:


Mine is Part 3. Enjoy….

Tash’s eyes met with the guy from purchasing and they lingered there for a while. He could not help but notice how good she was looking but also something else…. some cold sadness in her eyes. The sadness caused some ache in him that was quite strange. He walked by her, said hello and walked to his desk trying to figure out what he was feeling.

Tash on the other hand felt like a toddler who had forgotten how to walk. She was still embarrassed by the hem incident but seeing Maich had made everything better. The fact that he had not seen her dress inside out was also pretty cool. A smile arched itself on the side of her mouth then it hit her that she was still standing outside the bathroom door. She walked to her desk feeling like a silly child.

She could smell Maich’s cologne all the way from her desk. He had this amazing scent that she could recognize from miles away. It was sweet and strong at the same time. It pushed her away and drew her to him all at once. She had a few minutes to check him out when they met at the bathroom door and he seemed to have taken a few more minutes on the mirror himself. What she liked most about him was that he was not like the other guys in the office. He never drooled over women’s asses as they passed him and he seemed to have genuine interest and respect for everyone he worked with.

She lay low the whole morning and did not leave her desk out of embarrassment. Maich on the other hand was still feeling this strangeness. Was he attracted to Tash? Why did he care that she was not ok? Was it just his normal caring nature or was he finally starting to heal from what Ciku, his cruel ex, had done to him? Did he have it in him anymore? He did not notice when he had stopped hating women. At first, after the nasty break-up, he had smiled and been respectful out of pretence but now it hit him that he felt no hatred anymore. He revelled at the thought…. being free felt so good! His heart was giving itself high fives in his chest and he kept smiling to himself the whole day.

He had been toying with the idea of skipping the office party…. One because his car was at the garage and would probably not be ready till the next day and two because he was trying to stop drinking. He had been clean for 2 months now and the office party was a real threat to his progress…

He decided to go. He had to find out his feelings for Tash tonight….