Soul Food

Some people seem to have this life thing all figured out but for most of us, it can get crazy sometimes.

We need to be reminded what this whole life thing is about.

We need guidance on what routes to take in this journey.

We need the shelter of peace in order to rest and gather more strength to walk on.

We need kind words to root out the painful ones.

We need the balm of love to bring healing to the cracks on our souls.

We need to know we matter somewhere, somehow. To know that something is better because we are around.

To know we have something worth fighting for. That we are worth fighting for.

To know purpose. To know guidance. To know peace. To know kindness. To know love. To know we matter.

To know we are not alone.


John 14:18

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”




I wrote this piece like 3 years ago. I was bored during one of my classes in uni. It was long before I knew I could write…. Just found the piece of paper I wrote on and I am amazed 🙂 Not too bad. Enjoy 🙂

My colors may be bright
My hair done all right
My smile all white
But inside may be dark night
In need of God’s light
To fly to kite’s height.
Learn to look inside
Far beyond the outside
Because truth is I may not show it.
I wish you could admire
What’s in there
Because it’s deeper
And richer and
Lasts longer than
Just what you see.
It’s hidden treasure
For only those that dare
to look that far.
Then maybe you can say
Like Adam
Bone of my Bone first
Then Flesh of my Flesh last!
Adam had IN-sight!
Bless you Adam
Eve was blessed of all women 🙂
Lord grant our generation

I have no idea what inspired this piece 🙂

Thoughts of Yesterday, Today and Forever


I made mistakes yesterday,

I wish I could forget yesterday,

I hurt someone yesterday,

I was confused yesterday,

Yesterday was dark.


Today I laughed,

I thought about decisions made yesterday,

I realize I would make them again,

The decisions brought me back to life,

Maybe I should be sad but am not,

I am happy.

Not guilty,


Not hurt,


Not worried,


Not rich,


Not confused anymore.


Tomorrow looks beautiful from where I am standing.

Hope keeps me happy.

Hope keeps me sane.

Hope keeps me moving ahead and not behind.

Yahweh is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever