Present for Happy

I know they say a friend in need is a friend indeed. That is true. Very true. However in the recent past I have discovered yet another truth, an even more true friend is one who is truly happy for you when you are happy. It’s easy to be there for someone when they are lacking or mourning. You send them money, take bags upon bags of shopping when you visit them, you can easily be present as they mourn. You can sleep over at their house, cook for their visitors and be there for the funeral that is usually somewhere in the bundus they call shagz. I agree all these things take sacrifice and love. I am not belittling them at all. It’s easy though to do this because in a way the person doing them is somewhat the one on top, they are not the ones in need, they are not the ones mourning.

However what about when you have just received a promotion at work 3 months after you received another one? What if you just got engaged to the most amazing man in the world? What if you just bought a house debt free? What if you just lost weight and you look soooo amazing? What if God has opened your eyes to His grace and these days you are full of joy? What if your business has picked up so fast and you are making millions? What if your gift is presenting you before kings? What if you just got a beautiful baby? What if your babies are scoring all A’s in school and favor is chasing them down every way they turn?

I have come to realize that a true friend is one who can TRULY celebrate your success. One who is not threatened by your achievements. The only person capable of such friendship is one who knows who they are. They are running their own race. They love themselves and their journey. They love God and trust His plans for everyone. Then and only then can a human being be sane enough to TRULY rejoice and celebrate another’s success.

You can recognize the not so happy friends of yours easily. The number one sign is they make you feel guilty for being happy. You nearly want to apologize for the good happening in your life when you are around them. You find yourself dulling your light trying not to ‘outshine’ them. Sharing how happy you are with them feels like you are showing off. This is an unhealthy way to live.

I pray that we can all find a few true friends who have arms strong enough to clap for us. Hearts pure enough to truly celebrate us… Most of all I pray that we ourselves can be these kind of friends to the people around us!

I thank God for the few true friends I have found in this season and the family I have.

To true, ‘present for happy’ people!