Chronicles of Business

I have not blogged for several months. I thank several of my friends for being on my case about not writing. Such pressure is super amazing and for that reason I am back. A post per week, so help me GOD! I have been up and about settling into full time business, serving GOD and falling in love….not an excuse for neglecting my writing though 🙂

I bake for a living now and truth is i totally love it. I know GOD had a reason for keeping me in employment for those 3 years but truth is I really love this part of my journey. I do not dread Mondays and Mornings like I used to. In retrospect i see now that this was actually a hate for fresh starts and a love for endings like fridays and evenings. What a twisted way of living…

I have several lessons from my full time business experience:

1) Trusting God fully- Not having a salary at the end of the month has taught me that God is my provider. Not because it’s a cliche statement for Christians but because He really is. I depend on Him to give me clients and to help me keep them. I depend on Him to give me fresh decoration ideas and to help me make the complicated designs that my clients order for. I have not gone to any cake school and right now i don’t have constant internet so i can’t youtube how some designs are done. People keep telling me how I am gifted and I am sure some are tired of my response. I am not trying to sound over religious when i say it is Jesus because it actually is. I see miracles in my kitchen everyday. He goes to the point of giving me instructions on what colors to mix to get a certain shade i need.. sometimes i get dreams on how to make something that a client wants. No one can convince me that God does not exist because i see HIM at work every single day. I see Jesus in every single cake I make.


2) Friends of your business- I have learnt that there are people who are a great blessing to my business. They are a blessing in many different ways. Some act as a door or a link to many other clients. Some give you one order that catapults you to a whole new level of prowess and favor. Some are an encouragement through calling and constantly cheering you on. Some force you to grow by giving you a job that seems impossible. Some pay more than you asked for just because they feel your work is worth much more. Some pray for great blessings over your business. I thank God for each and every friend to my business, both known and unknown! 🙂


3) Enemies of your business- Life is such that you cannot just have friends alone. Enemies are inevitable no matter how good you are. Enemies of my business to me come in several forms… Some are people who who refuse to pay you after you have done a job for them. Some are difficult customers who enjoy frustrating you. They keep changing the order, they shout, they pay late and worst of all some just attract bad vibe. The day you are baking for them is when electricity goes off, when there are no strawberries in the market, when matatus are on strike or just something crazy like that… lol! Their orders end up costing you more than you gain from it. I just pray against such clients. I love peace and mutual blessings between the clients and I.


4) Discipline- Business has taught me discipline. I am my own boss and no one will do my work if I don’t do it. I have to plan ahead so I can deliver quality cakes and in the required time. I have to deliver despite the challenges…. the client does not care whether there is electricity in my house or not. They do not care that I am unwell or my mum and I had a disagreement! 😀 If i took the job then I have to deliver. I work more than I did when I was employed. I do not need to be pushed by anyone. I am my business and my business is me. Business has really really instilled discipline in me. It can be tough sometimes but I really really love it and would not trade it for anything!

I thank God for the blessing of baking!

If you want to go into business or just doing your own thing then think about the things above. Please share with me your own business lessons. Would love to hear them.