Singles Prayer!

Someone emailed me this prayer and you will see why I usually say that I know some of the coolest people in the world! Such truthful and refreshing friends.

Singles Prayer

Lord, Sunday evenings have a way of reminding me just how single I am. I usually stare at my phone wishing I was telling Mr. Man about the weekend and the upcoming week. Listening keenly about how his sunday was. Sharing our aspirations for the week ahead and praying that God would go before us. Laughing our heads off on silly ‘inside’ jokes. Telling each other how we love each other and finally saying good night, both of us unable to shake off the anticipation for a time when we will finally get married. A time when there will be no good byes just see you later babie! A time when there will be no good night from a far but good night with his arms around me. A time when we can make love and stop all this chilling business! Lol! Lord you know I can’t wait to see that happening and you glorified in our love making! WHAT?!!! That is something right there!

Lord I keep feeling like he is just around me somewhere. If he is, then give us attraction that is all the way from the spirit to the body. A connection that we will easily recognize! A very rare kind of bond! They say I am a dreamer but Lord I want crazy attraction! Is that Odd Lord? I am already past accepting anyone who is not truly walking in you. That was settled! 😀 He will be crazy Godly, anointed, responsible, children loving, respectful and all that stuff that you and I have talked about many times! However one more thing I ask is crazy attraction. This might make waiting difficult but that is not negotiable so you Lord will enable us. I trust You Lord! Haha! This prayers of mine must be hilarious to you! 😀 I hope! :-p


Sunday evenings are not too bad because I get to talk to you about them. I will stay strong! I will keep looking to you! I will keep serving you and loving on you!
Bring him soon though and don’t forget the attraction I say! 😀

I love you Lord!

Your girl,

Hilarious ey? I really laughed and thought my single friends would resonate like I did.

Strength to us all! 🙂 🙂