Man Enough

I went up country to bury one of my grandfathers yesterday. I came back thinking about men and manhood. See I have never seen my ‘real’ grandfather. He just up and left his wife and family many years ago. The one we buried was his brother.

My mind was wandering at the funeral yesterday as I just sat staring at my grandmother. How did that abandonment make her feel? Did her heart burn up with hurt the day she realised he was not coming back? Did she cry herself to sleep for a full year or something? Did she feel despair at the thought of raising my dad and all his 6 siblings? Was she mad at God? All I could do was wonder because all the years I have known her, she has shown no signs of that painful incident. She is the most joyful and loving woman I know. She loves God to a fault and she has stood by her family without any complaints.

My dad is another one I could not stop thinking about yesterday. His dad was with him the morning before he left. My dad was the first born and probably got to spend more time with him than all the other kids… How did that abandonment feel? How did it mess with him and his worth and his world view? He has been such an amazing dad to us. No proof of not having a father himself! I guess God is truly a father to the fatherless. It’s not a myth.


I wonder what made my grandfather run. Maybe it was the pressure of being a man, a husband, a father to 7 children and the responsibility that comes with all these titles. I have grown up with 3 brothers and I have watched them grow from boys to men. The responsibility of being a man is no small thing. Society and family all look up to you. It must feel like the whole world is on your shoulders! You don’t have to carry it all though… God is your father and in him is all strength and wisdom on what it means to be a real man. Let God lead and guide you. Get close to God, Abba Father!

I celebrate and pray for all the men in my life today! I see you doing your best and I celebrate you! You are important! You were not created a man by mistake. You can grow into the FULLNESS of the amazing man that God designed you to be. May God strengthen you, guide you, bless you and carry your burdens today!!

Women celebrate your husbands, your sons and your fathers today and everyday. Pray for them, love on them, respect them and be their peace! 🙂 🙂



2 thoughts on “Man Enough

  1. This > “God is your father and in him is all strength and wisdom on what it means to be a real man.” How often we forget.

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