Life is soooo real!!

I must say I have some of the realest people in my life. The kind of real conversations I have with them just remind me of how real life is. Problems are usually faced head on…in a lot of love but still head on. I guess that is why some new people I meet find me a bit too forward or blunt… Those conversations plus situations around me have just got me thinking that life is SO real. It is not a dream, it is not a fairy tale, today will not come back tomorrow, it is not a rehearsal. It is REAL.


A few weeks ago, some two amazing ladies and I were discussing about pregnancy since one of us is pregnant. We have a relationship where we can ask each other anything and one of the questions we asked was, “How is the sleeping situation now that you are much bigger and the bed is the same size?”. She went on to answer by explaining how they are working around this with her husband. However as she responded, i was hit by just how real life is. She is actually pregnant and among all the things she is dealing with, one of them is that there is smaller sleeping space in their matrimonial bed. lol! 😀 How real is that?

Yesterday i was queuing in the supermarket and when it was my turn, the cashier said hello and called me by my name. I was shocked and of course inquired as to how she knew me. She said that she reads my blog. I was even more shocked by that. How could someone know me from this small blog that i write here? It was a sobering reminder that life is real. That people actually do read my stories. That i should not get tired of encouraging people through my writing. That some people actually do relate to my stories. That we should not take lightly whatever we do.

A friend of mine smokes and yesterday i met him just as he was going to smoke. I talked to him and begged him to stop. I saw him struggle to agree because he has probably tried to stop many times before and failed. He knows how bad smoking is for his health but truth is that it is still so difficult to stop. Later in the night he told me that he has decided to surrender his lighter for the next 21 days. I know it is going to be HARD but it has to be done and it can be done. And you know what? If he fails this time, it is also ok. Soon he will succeed and have a story to tell. I am praying for him and reminding him that with God’s enabling, there is nothing that is too hard to achieve! 🙂

That is my conviction today. That this is real life. It’s like an ongoing reality show. It ain’t going no where so we better face our fears, correct our mistakes, know ourselves better, live through the consequences of our actions with boldness, listen more, laugh louder, love deeper, forgive easy, talk about the things that need to be addressed, say sorry and thank you, stop manipulation and self pity, watch our speech, find our purposes, let each day count and above all else to give ourselves fully to God.

Life is REAL!

Psalm 69:32b

You who seek God, may your hearts live!




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