Masks Off!

You feel like you are not worth anything because no good man is chasing after you. 30 years and counting and still no signs of a man to marry you.
You settled for the first guy who looked in your direction despite his straying eye and the fishy texts in his phone.
You were dumped after putting so much into that relationship. He dumped you just like that!
You got a baby with a loser who wants nothing to do with you. And baby has his eyes, always looking up at you reminding you how stupid you felt for falling for his lies!!
You were raped on your way home from work or by that man friend when you visited his house.
You gained so much weight after baby came and you hate how you look. He makes it worse by refusing to touch you for more than a year now.
Your boyfriend beats you up but you are afraid if you leave him you will die alone. ‘Where will I get another man?’ You ask yourself…
You just found out you are pregnant with baby number 2 or 3. Different men. They all promised to love you forever but forever has a new -3 month- meaning.
You need something to fill that void inside you. That empty feeling deep inside. You have tried men but even their penises can’t get that deep. You have tried alcohol and the party life but the hollowness goes deeper still.
You crave admiration and approval.
You have tried to dress up….shorter, tighter, show-ier….You have tried to cook your best. You have tried to be the best sex giver.Nothing seems to keep them men or satisfy you.
You laugh loud, give high fives and look like the happiest girl in the world. However you cry yourself to sleep alone at night. You are broken. You weep gently after the new boyfriend ,who is someone’s husband, falls asleep immediately after sexing you rough and quick!

So much pain in ladies all over the world!! I sat on the floor of my house and wept so much tonight. My heart and prayers go out to all hurting, lost and messed up ladies tonight! Life can be cruel and yes you have made bad decisions but that is not the end of the story! I know it sounds cliché but your only solution is Jesus. He knows everything about you but He still wants you. He will fill that void inside you. He will teach you how valuable you are. God is your father. He wil heal you and make you whole. He will give you joy and a reason to live! He does not hate you!! He loves you and eagerly waits for you to come to Him every passing day! Please come to Him!!!

You are very valuable!!



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