Tender Loving Care

For most couples, the first year is about them right? Now these two people are doing both: focusing on their new love and focusing on their family and friends too. Mr and Mrs Brother Love!  :-*


Anyone who know me knows that I am a tough cookie. I have learnt to take care of myself and take care of everyone else. My brother and his wife though seem to be on a mission to love on me. I am so amazed by the deliberate love they show me. I did not realize how good it feels to be taken care of for a change! It’s for tears!!! 🙂

They are going out of their way so many times for me. They took me out for pizza the night before my birthday, they drove to South B to help me transport cake stuff back to my house after THE wedding cake job, they drove all the way to my mum’s to get the sewing machine with me and drove me all the way to my house made sure it was set up before driving back to their house!! Ah! Sweeeeet! They walked me home yesterday night after I had visited their home. As we walked they carried everything for me such that I was walking empty handed like a boss!!

I know these things seem very small but they mean the world to me. Plus I have not even had to ask for any of these favors! 🙂 I am super grateful!

Mrs Brother keeps telling me to learn to let other people help me and not be soooo ‘independent’!! That is a story for another day! Lol!!

To reaching out with love to other people this new year! To being dependable! That is what life is about!! :-*



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