Gems from 2014

It has been one of the richest years of my life. It was my birthday less than 2 weeks ago and as I reminisce and go into the different seasons I went through, I can pick out several lessons to hang on to!!

1) God is real. He reveals Himself to whoever allows Him to. He even reveals Himself when we have not allowed Him to because He is God and He LOVES human beings wholeheartedly. He has never been as real to me as he has been this year. I have heard Him, I have felt Him, I have seen Him at work and I am convinced that He is real! He is the reason I wake up and face life everyday even when nothing else makes sense. He created me intentionally and has my life in His hands! πŸ™‚

2) Family is very important. It may seem like you have the best friends in the world but nothing can compare to family. They are blood! You share blood! Blood! πŸ˜€ So creepy and so amazing at the same time. They may be imperfect. They may get on your nerves and even hurt you sometimes but they are part of you. Keep them close. Check up on them regularly. Pray for them. Laugh with them. Get to know them better. Spend time with them and tell them you love them. They will not be there one day so treasure them today!

3) Love is a gift from God. I am amazed at how falling in love happens. I have seen people who are in love with the most ‘unlovable’ people. I have seen people with the most beautiful hearts but have not found love yet. I even have a girlfriend who has never ever been approached by a man. She is 26 years old and not once! I also know good men who just experience one rejection after another. My conclusion from this is that love is a gift from God. He is the one who brings people together just like He hooked up Eve and Adam. He draws hearts to each other. Cupid has nothing on God. If you have found love thank God for it. If you have not stop stressing and scheming and just trust God for it. The thing about a gift is that the giver can also withhold it….. food for thought…

4) Age is catching up. We should enjoy being young while we are young. I have been watching my friends and it is fascinating how hairlines are slowly receding, weight control is not easy anymore, more teeth are coming off (lol), saving and planning is a serious topic, marriage and children …you know what I mean? We are all growing up real fast and the changes are fascinating. Let everyone take in all the beauty of the season they are in! The season will not come back! πŸ™‚

5) Loving people without expecting anything in return. This still sounds crazy to me as it does to you! lol!! It is true though! Very true! This was a source of pain for me like I have explained in a post before. However, through much thought, discussion and prayer I have come out with this gem of truth: Love without expecting anything in return. Give if your heart wants to give. Give as much as you desire to give… your time, your money, your love, your smile, anything. Give even to strangers! Do not hold back because the other party will not return the favor. It naturally feels so good to give! It feels even more awesome when we kill the expectation to be rewarded for our giving. Give passionately and in the end God gives you 1 or 2 people who will surprise you with the same passionate love for you. That is what has happened to me. I have stopped expecting back and God has gifted me with a few friendships that blows me away. Above all God himself overwhelms me with His friendship. He has opened me up to His love and it is too satisfying!! Not even your husband or wife can satisfy you like God does. He is the true satisfaction! The living water!!! Try it! πŸ™‚

6) Loving oneself is crucial. I have known myself, accepted myself and loved myself this year more than I ever have before. It is an everyday journey so I am still on it but all I know is that it is so liberating to be comfortable in my own skin. It is the key to loving other people because as much as it sounds cliche, we only start to truly love people when we love ourselves. I went back to the roots. What makes Ndanu happy, what makes Ndanu angry, what gets Ndanu down, what does Ndanu love… Another important question is why. Why do I react this way and that? Why did I say that? Why did I think that? Truthfully asking such questions takes you inside…to a place we seldom visit. That’s where the true you lies. Go there and prepare to deal with not so pretty things…. Allow God into that place. It is humbling, liberating, ugly and beautiful all at the same time. TRUE Love for self buds from there. A place with no masks!! πŸ™‚

7) Stop saying I CAN’T. I have experienced this scripture first hand this year, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I have been handed seemingly impossible tasks and situations this year and I have overcome! In my baking, at work, in ministry, in life…. It takes a lot of Faith to just step into the deep waters but the growth that springs from that is exponential! I do not say I can’t anymore! It is crazy and scary but it is true!! I can! You can! I heard that we only use 3% of our brains!!! 3%?? Imagine what we can do with just 10%!! Don’t stop at dreaming!! Seek God in your dreams and go forth!!! The results will shock you! I cannot finish all the lessons. There are many many more like laugh a lot, cry if you want to, forgive easily, don’t run away from love, feel pain when it comes but don’t let it kill you, be careful about people who surround you and speak over your life, ask God for wisdom in every situation, take walks alone once in a while because nature is one of God’s languages, take care of your body….


I thank God for life and for 2014! 2015 will have many changes in my life…unexpected ones…surprises. I am excited all the same! Enjoy the holiday people and keep your heads up! We made it to the end of another year!!! \o/



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