Two incidents have happened in the past month or so that have left me in awe of just how short life is. We are sure of only today. Of course we are sure of forever if we believe in Jesus but I am talking about our lives in these mortal bodies. Two friends of mine lost their mothers. I have written severally about just how death is a mystery to me. I cannot begin to imagine the loss of a mother. It must be one of the most painful experiences ever! The last one happened overnight. They went to sleep and the mum was not unwell or in any sort of pain. She was her normal self. However, she did not wake up. Imagine that!

On the other hand, someone very close to me is pregnant. I don’t think I have been able to walk this closely with someone pregnant before. The stories are so fascinating. God’s plan for women to carry babies is just mind blowing for me. There was nothing before and now there is a heartbeat. She heard it with her husband at the doctor’s last week. Very soon we will be holding a baby. A small human being with a personality, feelings, thoughts, interests…. I downloaded an app to follow the development of the baby. There is a God in heaven people! No man could have come up with such an orderly and systematic way to form people…small people who grow into big people! 🙂 😀

Both these experiences of death and life are connected to mothers. Mothers are very very special people. They carry us in their wombs first then they carry us in their arms and then carry us in their hearts forever. Their strength is a pillar for most if not all of us. I celebrate all mothers today. I pray that we will learn to appreciate and openly love them, that we will respect them and pray for them. I pray that God will keep our mothers alive and healthy. I pray also for those who have lost their mothers. That they will find comfort in God whose love for us is more than our wildest dreams and that maybe we can also share our mothers with them!


We may not always see eye to eye but Mothers are irreplaceable!!

Love on yours today!! 🙂 :-*



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