Calling ain’t eazy beazy

I see people eager to learn baking. I am excited to teach them but I sit and also wonder if they really know what it entails!!

Human beings, we always think the other person’s life is better than ours! We want to have that nice job or house or car or whatever that person we admire has. We forget though that there is a price to pay for everything. The price is different for everyone since we are all different. Let’s think of our individual personalities, callings and purposes as a currency or visa. You can only buy or enter if you have the right currency or visa. Find your country with the visa God gave you at birth. Don’t die or live a miserable life trying to forcefully copy your way into another person’s country! Let’s find ourselves and thriving will be automatic!

A case in point is myself. I have not slept well for the past 2 weeks. I have been baking endlessly and I tell you it can be exhausting! There has been like 6 cakes at a time in my small sitting room. I sincerely can’t stand cake right now. Too much of it around me has become plain yucky! The satisfaction I get however after all the work, is immeasurable! I dream of cake designs and wake up eager to replicate the dreams in my next order. I earned my full rent in one cake job today… so yes baking is awesome but make sure that it is for you because when everything else fails…the glamor, the money, the praise, the orders…only your inborn desire to do what you were born to do drives you! 🙂

This spongy cake fell as I was transferring it to the tray!! I nearly cried!! Sigh!


A replacement is in the oven right now. Failure gets me down only for a while because I can’t seem to control my urge to bake. I rise again…. God is great!!
Find your vision and RUN with it!!! :-*


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