We started a young believers fellowship at work. When I suggested the start I had not thought of some dimensions of its necessity. Here is an important dimension I missed: Influence.We all need support in any endeavour. I agree that some of us are very resilient and we can achieve anything we put our minds to whether we have support or not…. However, most often than not, we need support. We thrive more in those areas that have support than those without.

We sent invites to those colleagues who were open about their faith. However, a lady came that had not been directly invited. We were happy to have her and her story off-set the thoughts leading to this post. She was strong in the faith until she joined our company and everything went south from there. Our company is extremely secular. I remember feeling that way when I 1st joined nearly 3 years ago. I struggled a lot at first because everyone I interacted with was not a believer and they were very vocal about that. They were constantly nagging me about my decision not to drink, not to curse, not to have sex before marriage….nagging nagging nagging. They tried for nearly the full 1st year to get me to drink and do other stuff I disagreed with. I have no idea how I survived all that pressure without giving in. It is just God! The lady explained how she had no avenue for encouragement in the faith so her colleagues got to her and she fell away…. When she heard about the fellowship she came even without a second thought because she still had the desire to resume her faith walk!! 🙂

Her story got me thinking of how many more people might have succumbed to the same pressure. What if we had reached out to them earlier?

There is also a new guy in the office. The people he got to know 1st in the office have encouraged his crazy side. He is a totally different person at his church. He seems to have this desire to know God hidden somewhere in his heart. However, what is readily available to him is ungodliness… The pressure is real. Maybe we should invite him to the fellowship too. Maybe if he realizes that he is not alone, that it is possible to be sane in the midst of all the insanity… maybe then he will choose to take the scary path of living out his salvation and getting serious with God.

Non Christians seem to be very proud of their stand. Flawed as that lifestyle maybe, they invite everyone they meet to join them. What makes them so willing to reach out while Christians shy away? We don’t go talking about God and the amazing things he has done for us. We don’t go talking about where God got us from. We are not eager to invite others to our church or our fellowship. We are afraid to mention anything, about anything, about God 😀 Where did this cowardice come from? Is it shame? 😦 😦 I agree that we need wisdom…but what might have began as wisdom has turned into shame! 😦


Truth is that we carry in us the answers for this broken world but we are not sharing them. May God help us know the value of what we have. May He help us be His aroma, His feet, His hands, His mouth, His heart… in our different circles on this earth!! 🙂

An example of an answer God gave through me a few weeks ago: My colleague had been having serious pain on her shoulder for a long time. I asked her one day if I could pray for her and she agreed. The pain was gone in a few weeks and her surprise was evident. A small ‘faith fire’ had been lit in her. We prayed again for her womb while she was having serious trouble conceiving and had miscarried… Now she is pregnant. Faith fire is growing… Ain’t God good? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Let’s not keep all this goodness to ourselves!! \o/


2 Cor 5:20

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.




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