Created to THRIVE!!!

I sat in the matatu early this morning thinking and praying! I am done fighting to have my way all the time. I am done getting frustrated when I am not getting my way. I am done with ‘me’ plans. They are so shallow. They only take me as far as I can see…. and man is my vision small!! 😀 Planning and scheming and fighting are so tiring! I want to flow like a leaf in the wind. I want to sow high, deep and even wild. No bird ever flew by being all uptight, they need the wind beneath their wings to push them, to help them soar. Wind makes flying much easier.

I could hear God whispering…. Do you know what kind of plans I have for you? Why does trusting me scare you so much? I have great plans for you but you refuse to trust me. You hold so tightly to what you want and because I refuse to let you embark on such small dreams, you end up hurting. It hurts me that you hurt so bad over your ‘failed’ plans but I still will not budge. I love you too much to budge. If you will let go, If you will trust me totally, I will show you just what perfect plans I have for your life. Life will not be all easy and smooth but you will be EVERYTHING I created you to be and you will be HAPPY and CONTENT!!! Trust me baby girl! 🙂 I got you!!! 🙂

modest celeb part 5

I surrendered this morning. I want to go everywhere He wants me to go! I want to meet everyone He wants me to meet! I want to feel and experience everything He wants me to feel and experience! I want to be exactly where He wants me to be! I want to fly in His plans. I know many of you struggle with trusting Him too. He seems so off, so awkward and so late sometimes (or even most times). Try making this prayer of surrender with me today and let Him lead. Give Him back the driver’s seat and enjoy the ride. ….With Him it ain’t a gamble, it’s for sure! He is GOD!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.




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