He rained all over my parade

I met these amazing writers on facebook. One started a story and 2 sequels from different people already.
First find links to Part 1, 2 and 3 here https://beautifulrumi.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/he-rained-all-over-my-parade/
I was challenged to do Part 4. Pressure!!! 🙂 Here goes….

Jay seemed not to have noticed us yet. He looked so handsome and somewhat desperate as his eyes searched for me in the restaurant. I felt so childish standing with Ken’s arms around me. A stupid and confused child! I was mad at Jay for treating me so badly just a few minutes ago but some part of me still loved him a lot!

Everything seemed to be moving so fast in my brain. I started to remember why Ken and I had decided to go our different ways those many years ago….

Ken was like the wind. He was a free spirit.  Too free I think. You see, he was a free lance photographer. He had never had a ‘proper’ job in his life. He insisted that we were young so we should travel the world. He was a dreamer and though this was intriguing to a naive 20 year old girl, it gave me no hope of a solid future. He would take a bus to a random town, a boat to the next, sleep in open fields watching the stars, bath in rivers and little hotels and eat with different families he met in his escapades. He called himself Zaka, a child of the earth. I was madly in love with him but I weighed the option of a life with him and decided against it.

Jay on the other hand was like fire. He was focused and got things done. I found him more logical and of course my parents would accept him better than Ken. A ‘normal’ man. He was harsh though…. A bit rough and unromantic. I was not head over heels when we got married but I grew fond of him. He took care of me but we had no bond. We became strangers with the passing of years… more of house mates than lovers. He was a jerk but still, he had come back with a big bunch of my favorite flowers! The father of my 2 sons!

I agree that with Ken, i felt like I could fly. The opportunities were endless and life was without limits! Plus, he always called me BEAUTIFUL!!! With Jay I was incomplete but stable. I was sure about tomorrow. Life had some steadiness to it…some solidity…some soberness.What was I going to do?

Jay had seen me now. He looked stunned at the sight of Ken but he started walking towards us….

My heart was beating hard!!!

4 thoughts on “He rained all over my parade

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