Long Distance

I have had to have long distance relationships severally in my life. Once when I was in Korea for a year and later with my brother and dad away for several years… It is not easy to keep relationships with family, friends and significant others going when you are miles apart. Both parties have to consciously decide to make an effort to make it work. I remember having to take in my sorroundings and things happening to me more keenly because I would have to narrate them to my people in detail.
Details are important in long distance communication because you must all try to bring the other party into your situation as much as possible.
All this is difficult but with all the technology around us, everything has become much easier.


My brother and his wife have left Kenya for the next several years. We are thus back to skype sessions, constant emails, frequent whatsapp chats and all that stuff. I just enjoyed reading a mail from them. I ate it up like sweet candy, trying to picture the scenarios  and people in the stories.
The journey has began and I am psyked and determined to make it work.
Strength to everyone reading this who has to maintain a long distance relationship! It shall be well 🙂
Love conquers even distance!!!!


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