Bridesmaids 101

I have dressed myself for very many years. I remember having heated arguments with my mum, when I was young,  about clothes. She would buy something for me and I would refuse to wear it!! There are things I would never be caught dead in!! LOL! I am quite choosy and this has gotten me into quite a lot of trouble in my life! πŸ˜€


I never thought I would ever write about this but it has become quite a common problem for me that it’s hard to ignore…

I am going to stop being a bridesmaid in weddings because my being choosy has cost me friendships. I will oppose an idea to wear certain things or to wear them in a  certain way and most brides will not be open to such changes. Mind you, these are usually very close friends but weddings can bring out craziness in all of us…. 

There are so many dresses I have spent a lot of money on but they end up in the ‘give to charity’ pile immediately after the wedding 😦 My sister tells me that it is a worthy sacrifice for the bride. She tells me that I should agree to anything the bride says because it is their wedding and weddings only happen once in a life time!! I guess this is a very wise way to look at the situation but it is still very hard for me. It is easier for me to sacrifice in any other way other than what goes on my body!  LOL! !

I feel like on the flip side, the brides should also consider the investment that their maids are putting into the dresses and ensure they agree on something they like and thus they would wear again… A compromise of sorts…

I would hate to be that bride everyone is afraid of! 😦 I have been in so many line ups where the maids disagree with the bride about something but they would rather suffer in silence than tell the bride about their concerns. Women!! We are a complicated lot!! Beautiful all the same though, simply beautiful!! πŸ™‚

I may be thinking like this simply because I have never been a bride. It could be a matter of ignorance and so I will not be conclusive on the matter. I am seriously considering though,  not having any bridesmaids in my wedding when that time comes. I dream of only having a best maid and everyone else dressing up in their outfit of choice and turning up at the wedding to CELEBRATE the Lord’s doing!!!! πŸ™‚

Let’s talk about this when that day comes πŸ™‚

Long live bridesmaids!!! I admire your sacrifice and dedication!!
It is well!!


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