Rwanda Part 1

I have been waiting for this trip for so long! My brother is marrying a Rwandese and we had to bring dowry to her home country. This was my chance to strike off Rwanda from my ‘countries to visit’ list so I saved up to be here just a bit longer than everyone else. That meant travelling alone by bus across 2 borders and for 24hrs. I was a bit scared but determined so I booked the bus and though most people thought I was crazy,  I did it!! šŸ™‚

I sat next to a Rwandese young man.  He read his bible for most of his trip and we talked a lot about God, football, business and life in general. He acted like my guardian angel as he showed me what to do at the borders and stayed with me at Kigali bus stop until I was picked by my friend! Too cool that one!! Blessings upon blessings over his life! šŸ™‚

Rwanda is extremely clean. The no paper bags rule is real!!! Coming from my beloved dirty kenya, I am simply in awe. Not a single paper anywhere!!!!

They all speak one language, that is Kinyarwanda and I find this quite intriguing!  Mobile operators send text campaigns to subscribers in Kinyarwanda, Bill boards are in Kinyarwanda and even football commentators do it in Kinyarwanda. This of course can leave a foreigner feeling completely out of place but it’s still very admirable. Their language brings them together and they have safe guarded it despite all ‘modernity’ and western influence! A lesson to Kenyans who feel so developed that now we want to drop Swahili from the school syllabus!! We will slowly have nothing of our ‘own’!! Lord help us!

Everyone here thinks that I am Rwandese yet I know zero Kinyarwanda! They speak to me in their language and say I am lying when I tell them that I am ‘completely’ Kenyan! When I manage to convince them,  they immediately ask if I would mind a Rwandese husband! Haha! The pressure continues a million miles from home!! LOL!! The struggle is real!! šŸ˜€

The people are really friendly with no malice. They help expecting nothing in return! The streets are very safe. I use my phone in the matatu with no worry! The women are beautiful like everyone says but the men too are something!! Very handsome!  The kind of handsome that leaves a girl staring! The ‘head-turning’ handsome! I rarely see that kind of handsome so a girl is happy! LOL! šŸ™‚ The traditional food is delicious! I have had their porridge, traditional greens, fried sweet potatoes and yams!! Healthy and yummy food!! I am always over fed by the amazing family that I am living with!! #fatteningcamp šŸ™‚

In short, I love it!!!


Tomorrow I visit the Genocide Memorial Centre! That will be heart breaking but I am encouraged by the people they have become! Life is all about continuous improvement! As long as we are alive then we can improve on yesterday! We can grow,  we can heal….
It is well!

The dowry payment and traditional wedding happens on Saturday!  I am too excited! That story will be Part 2


6 thoughts on “Rwanda Part 1

  1. Rwanda is for sure very beautiful and clean. Its one place you visit and Don’t wonna leave. Hope u got to taste Agashya juice (passion flavor) and citro (citrus soda) with lemon slices. You will never look back. šŸ™‚

  2. Rwanda is for sure a beautiful and clean country. Its one place you visit and feel so hesitant to leave……hope u tasted their citro with lemon slices.(citrus soda) and Agashya Juice(passion flavor) you would never look back again….:-)

  3. It’s the one African country I’ve been and wouldn’t mind going back. The 2 year experience clearly wasn’t enough. Am glad you got to experience it and I hope you get to do it again.
    I had quite a number of stories to tell that i used to do it on was so sad when my contract came to a close…and since i wasn’t an ‘alien’ any more, i sadly couldn’t feed it anymore. Thanks for sharing.
    Let me go for #2 šŸ˜‰

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