Ankara and Jeans bag

I am here figuring out how I am going to pack for a trip I will be on this tuesday. I hate packing so I am already stressing but I am a big girl and I will figure it out 🙂 🙂
The bright side is that 1) I will be travelling and 2) I have an extremely cool bag! It’s in between a hand bag and a proper travelling bag. It could be perfect hand luggage for a trip! Several people have been asking about it and I decided to give the information here! 🙂




I got this bag made at Jericho market.  I know some of you have no idea where that is… Don’t be dismayed! He delivers in town and you can communicate about design, fabric and all on phone. He finally got whatsapp too 🙂

Fundi is called Nelson.
His number 0721 476377.
General rating:
He is very professional- he communicates with the client and delivers on time.
He is creative- I had the design in my head and I just explained it to him and he understood. The bag exceeded even the design in my head.
Fabric – fundi’s own (jeans and kente)
Cost – Ksh. 2, 000.

All the best good people!
Let’s travel in style 🙂



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