A Peek into a Minister’s life

An experience from yesterday night had me itching to write about the life of a minister. Not those of the state but the church ones 🙂 Pastors if you may… I have lived with one for the last 25 years. LOL!

Two weeks ago, a leader of one of the church estate fellowships called my dad and informed him that the whole group wanted to visit our home. My dad consulted his wife as usual and she was more than willing to host them. This is the first thing to note about a Pastor, he has guests in his home nearly all the time. Some announced and some not… I remember when growing up, one of the first lessons our parents taught us was sharing. I was often sharing my room with lady guests and my brothers with male guests. The most common visitors were couples going through marriage counseling. They would come from far and wide and because day time was a busy time, they would sleep over at our house and have a night counseling session. Some visitors were also missionaries or pastors on transit to somewhere… I remember a Kenyan missionary couple that would always sleep at our place when night time caught up with them in Nairobi. They had 3 little kids and our house was not humongous but somehow my parents made it work. Other guests were leaders of different groups in church and a myriad of different individuals in need of prayer and even material support…

I remember one night when the missionaries were sleeping over… They had a child that was barely a year old and the mum was changing their nappy in the living room. The poop accidentally fell on the carpet and though that was pretty messy, i remember mum helping her to clean it up without a single complaint. She did not even wince. The subject was never even discussed after the guests left. I know these times were not easy for my parents but they had somehow given their lives fully to God and subsequently to his people.

Tea is a definite in a Pastor’s home! 🙂 No directive needed to be given. When a visitor came, tea had to be made and served. At times the surprise visitors would come as we served food and we would go ahead to serve the food and share with them. Mum’s policy has always been that food is to be shared. We did not wait until the visitors left in order to serve the food. If it was meal time then we would find a way to share what was available. Now that I am grown up, I have found that this is not an obvious lesson and I am grateful to have learned it.

I have digressed so much!! Back to yesterday’s story… Everyone in the house forgot about the said visit so you can imagine the shock when the members of the fellowship called to say they were 5 minutes away from our house. My small bro was making dinner, I was casually watching a movie after a long day at work, mum was on her way home and dad was traveling from Kangundo. We all really freaked out because we were not prepared for the visitors but since we could not tell them to go back, we decided to make it work. Bro left the house to pick the guests from the main gate. This meant that I had only 3 minutes to get the house into a presentable state! Haha! I neatened the living room, rearranged the seats to accommodate more people and availed the extra plastic seats that we use when we have many visitors. I was barely through when the door bell rang and I had to smile and welcome the 11 guests. Mum and dad arrived before the fellowship was over but in short, we had a wonderful time with the team. Tea was also prepared and served 🙂

The calling of a pastor is one of the things that really amaze me! The amazement has not waned after 25 years. It is a full time job this one, full time!! 🙂 I know I have not covered even half of what their lives are like but let’s take time to pray and appreciate the men and women of God in our lives! They are amazing people with lofty responsibilities!

I salute you!!




2 thoughts on “A Peek into a Minister’s life

  1. Thumbs up Ndanu for bringing the big time, life memories of growing as a Pastors Missionary Kid. Its taught me to accommodate and love people.

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