Life keeps happening! :-( :-)

I have been thinking. It’s amazing how the things i witnessed in the generation before mine are replaying themselves in my generation now. In some childish way i thought such happenings were a reserve for their time. I thought that they were unique people with unique situations but lately it’s dawning on me that this is life. Life happens and most of all, we make decisions and these decisions shape our lives. We are making decisions every day and slowly, like little babies, they keep growing and taking shape.

I choose to say WE because it is my generation. We have grown up together. We know each other personally. It is no longer our place to point fingers at the older people and shake our heads in disappointment or amazement. It is our turn. It is our lives, our decisions, our pain, our successes, our challenges. We are grown up. Young adults but adults all the same. WE.

We are settling into careers. We are choosing what to do with our lives. Some are tailor made for the corporate world and they thrive there-in. Some are brave enough to go into business and they are still finding their way in that world. Some juggle both worlds while some have gone into ministry. This is especially fascinating for me. I know pastors who are my age! I guess i always thought that pastors would always be much older people like they’ve always been. Quite cool actually! There are people who do not necessarily fall into any of these categories they are artists, musicians, poets, writers, teachers… Others are a bit confused with a bit of everything inside of them! Their dreams are valid too! 😀

We are deciding what values will govern our lives. We have taken into drinking, cursing, sleeping around and all manner of craziness. Some of us have given themselves fully to God and His word. Some of us are still trying to get the best of both worlds. I imagine this can be exhausting but all these are decisions all the same. Small daily decisions that have shaped our lives into what they are today.

We have delved into this thing called love. We are choosing our life partners. That lazy guy who cannot keep a job, the church going quiet girl, the opinionated and passionate guy, the party loving free spirited girl, the cheating drunkard, the pan African, the prayer warrior, the guitar playing worship leader, the DJ, the man of the people, the ambitious musician, the fashion designer, the workaholic, the foodie, the over weight, the sweet and God loving….. name it! They’ve all found a place among us. It’s amazing! We are already painfully seeing the marriages that are threatening to crumble, the happy ones, the strong ones, the on and offs… Yet, others among us still have failed to find love though years keep rushing past 😦 .

Some of us have porn written all over their social media and instagram, some smoke weed and curse like its the most common thing in the world, some are in cults, some are becoming atheists and others are even gay. We are all choosing different paths and slowly setting the stage for the lives we want to live.

We have lost parents and siblings, we have lost small babies, we have had miscarriages, we have been diagnosed with fibroids and cysts and all those things that seemed scary but far off! Life is unfolding and raining lessons on us. I have learnt to make the most of everyday, I have learnt to love people a lot!! I have learnt to pray for myself and other people and I have learnt that God is the only constant! Unmovable, unshakeable, incorruptible foundation! Life will happen but He never changes!
Let’s make wise decisions, let’s love God and let’s be completely PRESENT in whatever seasons we find ourselves in this life! Let’s come out stronger and wiser each time.


John 14:18
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.


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