My heart is full today. I am waiting on God so much. It is all I can do now. He spoke specific things to me a while back but there is little physical evidence of it right now. I am tempted to give up and just believe the enemy’s lie that this is as good as it gets! I will not do that though. I ask for strength to get through the day every morning and the Lord gives me exactly that. I used to hear the phrase ‘a day at a time’ but now I understand it completely. I am living it every single day. I enjoy today, I listen today, I laugh today… because tomorrow is so uncertain. Thoughts of tomorrow let alone 5 years from now are simply depressing at this time in my life. ALL my plans have not worked out and this has left me scared of planning. I need direction and in this season I keep asking God what He wants with my life. I ask him severally everyday. Many think that a good job is all we need in this life but I have one yet I want more! I want things that money cannot buy. I want to know the purpose for which God created me! I want to know this so much that it keeps me up late at night. I am gifted in many things but I want to give my hours, my energies, my emotions, my resources, my LIFE to God’s purposes for me. People tell me that I am a worshiper so i should sing and lead worship more often, others tell me that I am an artist so I should use my hands to create, others tell me that I am a mathematician since I am very good in math, others say I would be perfect as a pastor’s wife because I am prayerful and patient, many think I should be a writer because of this blog, still others think I should be a designer and fashion consultant because of my love for fabric, color and fashion. Blah blah blah! GOD!! It’s all so confusing! Lord, who do you say that I am?

The happiest, most fulfilled and powerful person is one who knows why he was created and in turn lives out this purpose(s) every single day of his life. There is no greater discovery than the discovery of one’s purpose! Purpose is not a destination but a journey. It’s a compass for everyday living!!!!

Telescope on Map

I have many around me who are aligned to God’s purposes for them and I see daily how favor surrounds them. They seem to have this purpose thing all figured out. I will not say that life is easy for them but every challenge is worth it and God keeps fighting wars for them and lighting the path they walk on. Things seem to always work out somehow and they seem to be forging forward instead of going round in circles! 🙂 They have a radiance and a strength that is peculiar! I know an amazing African history teacher, I know a pianist who brings heaven down every time he plays, I know an amazing Psychologist who counsels people like her life depends on it, I know an amazing Pastor specifically gifted with the prophetic gift, I know another amazing Pastor specifically gifted with the worship ministry, I know a Pastor gifted with a crazy intercessor’s heart, I know a young wife created and called to teach very young kids in their first years of school, I know a young man created to work as a data analyst and he is so good at that job, I know a photographer who is simply a miracle worker where taking photos is concerned…. All these people are living out Yahweh’s purposes and the jobs may be ordinary but my friends do them extraordinarily well because they were born to do them. In fact they graduate from just being their jobs to being their LIFE.

All of us were created to be spectacular individuals if only we will allow God to lead us into His purposes for our lives. Are you unhappy with your job? Do you feel empty inside at the end of every day? Do you feel lost and tired all the time? Do you feel like you are lacking something but you cannot place a finger on what it is? You are probably living someone else’s life or trying to be what you are not. Join me in this journey of self discovery. Ask God to show you what he had in mind while he knit you together in your mother’s womb. Your specific combination of gifts, likes and dislikes, temperaments, interests, experiences and even physical attributes were not just random! You were KNIT together wonderfully! Only you can live your life in its fullness!! 🙂 May we find fulfillment, joy and abundant life as we start to walk in rhythm with His plans for us.



Psalm 139:13
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

We walk!



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