Still Small Voice

It is a difficult month for me in my writing. Therefore, I decided to feature 3 amazing friends in my blog. The first post is from one amazing Musanga. He is a friend of mine and all I can say is that he is a ball of thoughtfulness, poetry, love, word, music, humor and God! He is soulful!!
Here goes 🙂
Heartbreaks are not a fun feeling, I’ve been there so I know. We all wish we could just bounce back up like a spring, as we keep wondering what in the other person we had fallen for. Why me? Is what we’re always asking, thinking to ourselves that we’ve done nothing to be punished for. But then again, we forget that still small voice that spoke to us time and again but we ignored it all in the name of “love” trying to convince our hearts tht the other person is all we have, thinking that without them our hearts will starve. But then after a while we are still alive and realize that it was all vanity and vile, and we can still smile coz that still small voice helped us walk that rather “unbearable” mile. Then when we are back up on our feet, we totally forget where we’re from. We only think about how sweet this next person is and not how they have come into our lives, is it for good or is it for evil, will it lead to a divine union or just a union on paper; civil. Then again comes this still “irritating” small voice that always comes along when everything seems to be great. Its still, sure, but it sounds like it’s making a lot of noise and you just hate, its rather unusually precise “good” or “bad” timing. Again, we choose to ignore it, but just like an alarm it comes back again, but we snooze. It never really goes away, coz it’s meant to stay around and wait for you to come back to your senses, back to its loving senses. So over and over again we just do the same things coz we are always afraid of never finding love, but we forget that we always have LOVE with us. That still small, “irritating” always there, never giving up small voice. Has been appearing in different names and forms eg a dove, some call Him the Holy ghost, the Holy Spirit and I call Him LOVE. And the fruits of LOVE are LOVE, 

JOY; not sorrow nor heartbreaks
PEACE; not always fighting when silence breaks 
PATIENCE; willing to perservere and wait for the one
KINDNESS; sharing here is never done
GOODNESS; not a “bad” boy nor a “bad” girl to call your boo

FAITHFULLNESS;  never cheat on you coz you’re as precious too

GENTLENESS; when things get tough they never fled

SELFCONTROL; never to compromise never to be misled…and against that there is no LOVE.

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