There is something I have been made more aware of lately. It’s an obvious truth but its realness and implications are not so obvious. It has dawned on me how human i am and we all are. We are blessed with life and the ability to think and make decisions. It is truly a blessing to walk on this earth and to enjoy the small joys of this life. Small things like a new book make my heart beat faster. I sit down to start devouring my new read and I can swear it feels like fireworks in my soul πŸ™‚ Salivating at the thought of white chocolate, re-playing a song a thousand times because i can’t get enough of it, enjoying the feel of the sun’s rays on the small of my back after a cold rainy morning, watching my nails and my hair grow and marveling at this miraculous-function by the creator (Ngai Mumbi), feeling a strong and strange fear when I receive a cake order because I realize that in my small way i will be creating. A cake that is not there now will come into being as my hands combine the ingredients. That soon it will be a tangible visible thing. Whaat?!! So creepy, exciting and humbling at the same time. We are created in the image of God!!! walalalah!! utter craziness!! beautiful craziness!! πŸ™‚

I digress! haha! Back to our mortality….

I have noticed how as a human being I get so stuck sometimes. There are situations, habits, struggles… that we cannot get ourselves out of. These things that are impossible for us remind us of our humanity. They remind us of our need for God. I recognize these situations and you probably do too. I went to see my friend’s dad in hospital last weekend and he was very very weak. The cancer has left him as only a fraction of the man he used to be. Disease reminds us of our mortality especially when no human solution is available. 😦 Death is another sure reminder of just how mortal we are. Death can come for us at any moment. It comes un-announced and we have no control over when and how. Our lives are solely in God’s hands. There are seemingly smaller situations like an anger problem that you have tried with all your strength to control, an abusive relationship that you just cannot get yourself to walk out of, a low self esteem that has weighed you down for years, an alcohol addiction that seems to get worse after each attempt to stop, sexual struggles that keep you locked up in their prison cells!!


Thing is, we can never be free from some situations by ourselves. That is just the way we are. We have this deep-set need for God’s intervention in our lives. God is our strength. His prime purpose is to give us freedom. It’s the reason He is God. To love on us, to free us and give us life in abundance. Life running over. Life beyond measure. Life everlasting. Life to the full. Life in its fullness.

One of my struggles is what I call sinking. I am a combination of a deep thinker and deep feel-er! This makes me greatly affected by situations. On my way home from church yesterday, someone really angered me. They were pushing me and being unreasonable. I could feel myself sinking into that all familiar place. You see when I sink, I get so low. Usually the rest of my day is gloomy and I am unable to lift myself from that pit. It usually feels like I am covered with a very dark blanket that I just cannot lift off myself. It has been a while since I sank but as I walked home yesterday, I could feel myself sinking. I pleaded with God to help me.Β  I was sure I would miserably fail if HE did not help me back up. I got home still sinking and I hated it. We were having guests over and I had to be a happy host! I kept praying for God to rescue me and you know what? He did! I had my joy back after a while. Not the just-on-surface ‘joy’ for show but the real soul-deep joy! I was afloat!! I still am πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Surrender your human struggles to God. He is not a man! He is God!!! Mighty to save! \o/ πŸ™‚

Psalm 35:10

All my bones will say, “LORD, who is like you? Who delivers the weak from the one who is stronger than he…..


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰



Rhythm and Blues ;-)

There is this guy I met a while ago and during our very 1st conversation he mentioned with great conviction that he would be very embarrassed if his girl turned up in an ankara outfit during a dinner with him in a nice restaurant. Knowing me, the relationship ended before it started!! LOL!! What did he mean? Embarrassed? His thoughts were incomprehensible to my brain! πŸ˜€ Kitenge is very beautiful and can be worn anywhere. In the last 2 years I have fallen in love with all african fabrics and I rock ankara to work, to church, to weddings, to dinners, to picnics…. I have ankara bags, shoes, bracelets, turbans πŸ˜€ (haha! Ok maybe I am obsessed πŸ˜€ ) Anyway, seriously you can achieve whatever look you want depending on what you make. You can go all casual, official or smashing hot like I will show in a few πŸ™‚

I got this beautiful fabric from my brother’s fiance. I send her fabric every time she travels to her home in Rwanda or Congo. They have such yummy fabric!! I got it many months ago but I wanted to use it for a big occasion and with the perfect design. The big event came up (my friend’s wedding) and I created the perfect design in my head. I chose the fundi, since I have many, πŸ™‚ and she surpassed my expectations.


The ‘exposed shoulders’ design was a first for me but I loved it. Girls ensure you have a good strapless bra with such designs πŸ˜‰


Fundi – Esther. She has always been my favorite fundi. I met her when I was in uni and she knows how to get my fit perfectly!

Fundi Location – Donholm – next to Equity Donholm

Fundi Cost – 1,800.

Fundi number – 0731 114 371

Fabric – Rwanda for around 1,500 bob

Overall rating – She did well!!!! I and everyone else loved the dress. She is very busy though so she cannot be hurried. I gave her a whole month to do my dress. She is thus not the go to fundi when you want a dress ASAP πŸ™‚ 😦

I made the bracelets myself and the hair too πŸ˜€


As has become a habit of late. I had a shirt made for my baby brother! I designed it for him and it looked great in my head. The fundi however did such an amazing job! Wah!

My brother will have to put up with all these designs of mine until THE man wakes up from his deep sleep in Eden!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Fundi – Sam. We are sticking to him for shirts. He is too amazing!

Fundi’s number – 0720 210 815

Fundi’s location – Next to Uchumi Buru Buru

Fabric – Rwanda

Overall rating – Fantastic! πŸ™‚



I have been asked several times since i rocked this dress if I am a designer. I can’t really call myself that but I do design my own dresses with the help of the internet of course. I combine different things from designs on the internet and from my God given head and the result is what i post here. I am not so comfortable designing for other people (apart from my brother of course :-*) but life is too short so I can try. Inbox me and I will help where I can! πŸ™‚

Life is beautiful! God is goooood!! \o/


All The Best!




Still Small Voice

It is a difficult month for me in my writing. Therefore, I decided to feature 3 amazing friends in my blog. The first post is from one amazing Musanga. He is a friend of mine and all I can say is that he is a ball of thoughtfulness, poetry, love, word, music, humor and God! He is soulful!!
Here goes πŸ™‚
Heartbreaks are not a fun feeling, I’ve been there so I know. We all wish we could just bounce back up like a spring, as we keep wondering what in the other person we had fallen for. Why me? Is what we’re always asking, thinking to ourselves that we’ve done nothing to be punished for. But then again, we forget that still small voice that spoke to us time and again but we ignored it all in the name of “love” trying to convince our hearts tht the other person is all we have, thinking that without them our hearts will starve. But then after a while we are still alive and realize that it was all vanity and vile, and we can still smile coz that still small voice helped us walk that rather “unbearable” mile. Then when we are back up on our feet, we totally forget where we’re from. We only think about how sweet this next person is and not how they have come into our lives, is it for good or is it for evil, will it lead to a divine union or just a union on paper; civil. Then again comes this still “irritating” small voice that always comes along when everything seems to be great. Its still, sure, but it sounds like it’s making a lot of noise and you just hate, its rather unusually precise “good” or “bad” timing. Again, we choose to ignore it, but just like an alarm it comes back again, but we snooze. It never really goes away, coz it’s meant to stay around and wait for you to come back to your senses, back to its loving senses. So over and over again we just do the same thingsΒ coz we are always afraid of never finding love, but we forget that we always have LOVE with us. That still small, “irritating” always there, never giving up small voice. Has been appearing in different names and forms eg a dove, some call Him the Holy ghost, the Holy Spirit and I call Him LOVE. And the fruits of LOVE are LOVE,Β 

JOY; not sorrow nor heartbreaks
PEACE; not always fighting when silence breaksΒ 
PATIENCE; willing to perservere and wait for the one
KINDNESS; sharing here is never done
GOODNESS; not a “bad” boy nor a “bad” girl to call your boo

FAITHFULLNESS;Β  never cheat on you coz you’re as precious too

GENTLENESS; when things get tough they never fled

SELFCONTROL; never to compromise never to be misled…and against that there is no LOVE.

Let’s Dance

Walking on with eyes fixed on the goal,

Love leads, I follow

Faith and Purpose is the music we dance to

In step like one two, one two

Down together, up together, round together



Then worry comes knocking when life gets hard.

I turn to him and he catches my attention.

I am distracted.

Love gently nudges me to dance with Him again.

I come back and we dance, Love and I, .

Pride comes along dropping lines like a non sense.

He wants to dance.

His beat is catchy and chic,

rustic and rich

He is constantly whistling and winking at me.

“Look at your gifts, your beautiful self, your amazing family, you, you, you”

(me, me, me)

As soon as I give in to him, i am totally blind.

I am like Samson after Delilah was finished with him.

I am blind to my weaknesses, blind to my need for LOVE, blind to Grace,

Blind to the needs of others.

Too blind to dance. Feet too heavy with me-mindedness

With time, my head is too big to carry around and Love as usual is there to lighten my load and give me rest.

I ran back to Him and I find Him with open arms. Wider than they have ever been. I know rest again. I can see again. I can breathe! I can dance!

We dance, in harmony and trust.

He lifts me up, feels like home at last

Mr. Too Busy comes over, Mr. Discouragement is next then Prayer less-ness, Attention and Fear will not let me rest.

Distractions all around. Screaming for my attention all year round.

I have to stay focused though. LOVE, He is all I need.

His dance is life, His dance is peace, His dance is healing, His dance is purpose,

His dance is hope, His dance is mercy, His dance is Grace, His dance is strength,

Everything! \o/

Let’s DANCE!

Hebrews 12:2

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.