Her Man

Your softness as well as your hardcore braveness

Allowing the tears to flow when she has totally gone out of her way for you on a random day

Inability to let go of her hand when it’s time for you to part after a beautiful day, simply because you realize for the umpth time that you are so in love with her

Kneeling down with her in prayer, bearing your heart to God in her presence since she feels like part of you already

Standing next to her in a service and lifting your hands in total surrender to God during worship, totally lost in HIS love because He is the one who brought you together in the first place 🙂

Staring at her in amazement sometimes and not caring if you look absurd because she is truly amazing

Narrating the details of your tough day to her because you are beyond pretenses and masks, you can be vulnerable with her because she loves you! All of you!

Leaving your Superman-ness at the door of your relationship. Stretching your wings full throttle as a WHOLE man in her company. The world expects you to be strong and tough all the time but she simply loves you. Occasional tears, weakness, vulnerability is as attractive to her as boldness and strength. Be yourself with her! Love her in this way, she will feel honored!



6 thoughts on “Her Man

  1. Oh Ndanu! It’s like you’ve taken a walk in my mind. Sometimes though… I wonder… dare I pray for such things?…could he really exist? I’ve taken to simply praying that God would ignite in him the heart of a worshipper. That he will ooze love for God, so everything he does would be an overflow, an expression…including relating with me. This is beautiful. I am challenged to pray in more detail 🙂

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