Ankara Jacket :-)

Hello People 🙂

It’s fashion time again!! \o/


I love this jacket! I got it made 3 weeks ago mainly to wear to work. These days I can pull a full week of kitenge/ankara to the office and it’s different and exciting! It makes waking up in the morning to go to work so worthwhile 😉

Fabric – My brother’s fiance got this fabric for me from Rwanda. (She is amazing!!!) It was 1400 bob and it is so beautiful. I have not seen it in Nairobi though 😦 My sister and I shared it half and half and it was still big enough to make this jacket and a skirt that I will post another day 🙂

Fundi – The fundi is called Sam.
Fundi’s Location – He is located next to Uchumi Buruburu
Fundi’s Cost – He charged me 1000 bob
Fundi’s contact – 0720 210 815

General fundi rating – Sam is very good in what he does. He finished making it in a week. The downside with him is that he forgot some of the details I had asked him to put and so I had to take it back. He also did not get a perfect fit so adjustments were inevitable. He got it right the 2nd time and I love my very 1st ankara jacket.
I am definitely going back 🙂

All the best!! 🙂


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