A beautiful ‘mess’!!!!

Do you feel like the odd one out sometimes? Like you don’t fit in and you know you were not created to fit in but you still wish you could just be ‘normal’ sometimes. This brings me to the question, ‘What does normal even mean? Is anyone really ‘normal’? Who set the standard for ‘normal’?

I had such a feeling yesterday night. I was having a discussion with someone about my career plans. I am planning to make a big change in that area of my life and I could see how they were struggling to understand me. See, i am extremely good at Math. I got straight As in Math throughout high school and University. This made everyone around me think that I would pursue a career like Accounting but I hated Accounting. I discovered, to everyone’s shock including myself, that I was extremely artistic too. I proved to be very good at knitting, making cards, writing, baking, singing, designing…. The person was wondering how such extremes can exist in the same person. It’s like bottling up fire and water together. One is ‘normally’ meant to subdue the other. Neither my fire nor my water have been subdued. I understood his concern and after our talk yesterday I was feeling a bit on the low. I am reminded time and time again that I cannot do everything at the same time. However, I have all these gifts bubbling inside of me. I am like a volcano that just can’t stop erupting! The thing is that we are all different. We did not choose how different to be but the fact is we are. Life is a journey of self discovery, a journey of unearthing treasures hidden inside of us. There is a way these treasures were put in us to be a blessing to us and the people around us. Finding this way and living it, IS our purpose in life.

I think the solution here is for each of us to accept that we are different. We should just concentrate on being the best we can be. Let’s not try to conform so we can fit in. Be you, I be me and God will work in us His good purpose!! \o/ Are you a banker who can sing? Find time to sing too because it’s part of who you are! Are you a Pastor who can rap? Please rap sometimes!! That is the unique you that will bless so many. Are you an auditor who can bake? Please bake for your family and friends and embrace the whole you! A computer geek who can paint? How awesome is that?!! Wololo! You guys get the point! 😀 😀



E. E. Cummings wrote:

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

You are wonderfully made!!



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