Ankara Jacket :-)

Hello People πŸ™‚

It’s fashion time again!! \o/


I love this jacket! I got it made 3 weeks ago mainly to wear to work. These days I can pull a full week of kitenge/ankara to the office and it’s different and exciting! It makes waking up in the morning to go to work so worthwhile πŸ˜‰

Fabric – My brother’s fiance got this fabric for me from Rwanda. (She is amazing!!!) It was 1400 bob and it is so beautiful. I have not seen it in Nairobi though 😦 My sister and I shared it half and half and it was still big enough to make this jacket and a skirt that I will post another day πŸ™‚

Fundi – The fundi is called Sam.
Fundi’s Location – He is located next to Uchumi Buruburu
Fundi’s Cost – He charged me 1000 bob
Fundi’s contact – 0720 210 815

General fundi rating – Sam is very good in what he does. He finished making it in a week. The downside with him is that he forgot some of the details I had asked him to put and so I had to take it back. He also did not get a perfect fit so adjustments were inevitable. He got it right the 2nd time and I love my very 1st ankara jacket.
I am definitely going back πŸ™‚

All the best!! πŸ™‚


Heart Matters

I have thought about writing this for a while now. It is a topic affecting many people but I did not want to be misunderstood or pitied. It is not a sickness or a plague but it cannot be ignored either. I was waiting for this season to end then I could talk about it when I was already on the other side! Lol!! However, my heart is full of it tonight and I am convinced that someone needs to hear it now so I will obey and share my heart.
…Being single in my generation….
I have been single for 2 years now and the experience is a rainbow of laughter, criticism, amazing friendships, fears, loneliness, a sort of freedom, an amazing curiosity and self discovery all mashed up! I am a beautiful, intelligent, greatly gifted, God-loving 25year old girl as many of you are. I am referring to both girls and guys. My 2 year journey has been rich! I cannot explain it all here but I will try. I should start with the guy in the office who thinks I can be the best wife in the world. Not a day passes that he does not ask me why I am single. A few weeks ago, he even went to the extent of telling me that being single for me is a waste! That got me thinking a lot. You must understand that these conversations are usually on a light note and that I never take offense. However, this specific statement got me thinking a lot. Was I really created ultimately for a man? Is my amazing-ness a waste if not shared with a man? Can I be truly whole without a man or will I only be viewed as whole when I do become Mrs. Somebody? What if I never get married? How will I feel then? Will something be missing? I still do not have a complete answer to these questions 
I have all these friends always asking me, β€œβ€¦So, any man yet?” or β€œThe way you are glowing there must be a man these days?” or even β€œYou look so good! Who are you dressed up for?” The conversations are always incomplete without a relationship question. I actually find this very funny! The answer is always no and even then some people are never convinced. Takes me back to the question, β€œCan’t I just glow because I am enjoying being alive?” β€œMust glowing or the motivation to dress up come from outside of ourselves?” I have my baking, I have my writing, I have my ministry, I have amazing family and friends and God literally makes me glow. He really does! Plus life is very beautiful even when I am single! \o/
My guy friends cannot be forgotten as I speak of my single journey! I find it hilarious how some of them (especially the Christian ones) make sure they refer to me as sister, sis, dada, rafiki etc. They are guarded with so much caution when interacting with me maybe because they know β€˜how we single girls are’! LOL!! πŸ˜€ Sometimes I even think they are more afraid of themselves than they are of me. I understand them though and I reply with a bro or rafiki too just to keep them at ease. I wish they could see me as a whole person and not simply a single person. I wish they would know that I respect their relationships very much, that I don’t go around shopping for men and that I pray for a relationship that will have a clean slate, a spotless start with Jesus at the centre! Woes of a single girl!! LOL!
Everyone has all sorts of opinions they want to share with me concerning the subject. That I should not have such high standards for my man, that I should not do my masters before I meet him since this might scare him away :-D, that I should pray and fast more for him, that I should not tell a man how much I earn until he β€˜is in the box’, that my skirts should be shorter πŸ˜€ ….opinions, opinions, opinions. Most of these opinions are shared in good faith but I have just decided to live my life! I am baking more than ever because I enjoy it and it is part of the reason I was created, I am going back to school because I miss school and my writing awaits me, I will keep excelling in whatever I do because I have been taught that I help others to shine by shining too, I will keep loving God and loving people and loving life, I will keep dressing up because like a friend once told me, β€˜Life is too short to wear bad clothes!’ πŸ˜€ So funny but I actually took it up and ran with it! My man, if at all he is there, will find me LIVING and not just surviving!
I am not saying that I do not miss β€˜him’ so much sometimes!! I do! Badly so! Having been in a 4 year relationship before, I know the joy of having that special someone! Someone that you are so insync with. Someone that is committed to you and you alone. Someone that you know will always be FOR you no matter what. Someone that you can talk to about anything under the sun without any worries. Someone who wants to grow old with you. Someone who thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Someone who holds your hand and you just melt inside. Someone you can talk to for 5 hours straight at night on the phone and be so sleepy the next day but not care at all because they are so worth it. Someone you share a CRAZY attraction with. Someone who knows you better than any other living being. Someone just for you. Love is the most amazing thing God created. It is beautiful and I know this full well!
I will share one final thing. I am ambitious and through my businesses and my job I save up a lot. I have a few investments and there was a time last year I was so ready to start paying for a house. I however could only afford a bed sitter somewhere on Mombasa road. LOL! Property in Kenya is so expensive!!! I was so frustrated because I could not help but think of how different the situation would be if I had already met the main man. We could have put our efforts together and started paying for a bigger house. We could have decided on the location, size and cost of a family house together and not a bed sitter in the middle of nowhere πŸ˜€ . I actually hesitated because of this. I felt like he would come when I was in the middle of buying a small house that would not necessarily be a waste but I guess you get my point πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I decided to save up some more! πŸ™‚


It is a journey this one! I know all the single people have similar experiences to mine and also unique stories of their own. I believe strongly that this part of our lives is also in the hands of God. I think it is a season and definitely not a disability! Enjoy the journey! My friend got married a few months ago and when I hang out with her recently, she told me something that has changed my life completely! She said, “Ndanu, no one will ever make you completely happy! This husband of mine is amazing but he is still human. He has his flaws and he fails me once in a while. Only God can satisfy anyone of us completely! Find satisfaction in Him and you will walk through life with so much joy and peace” Enough said!! Your life should not be at a standstill because you are single. Keep yourself busy, live your life, keep God close, find wholeness and satisfaction in HIM and keep being your-awesome-self! Inbox me if you need some encouragement. Life is beautiful!! God is good!!

Kente Top



I love this top a lot!! First thing i need you guys to know is that it is like 4 years old yet it still looks so new! My sister Kalo and I got this fabric from Ghana. It is called Kente. There is Kente available in Kenya but the Ghana one’s are too amazing! They take forever to fade! Simply beautiful fabric. The fundi who made this is my personal favorite! She has her flaws but her work is superb. She gets my fitting perfectly and for this reason, I will post many more outfits she has done for me.

Fabric source – Ghana
Fabric cost – 4,000 – 5000 (that was 4 years ago)
Fundi’s name – Esther
Fundi’s number – 0721 492 411
Fundi location – Around Caltex Donholm
Cost for making the top – 700 (that was 4 years ago)
General Fundi Rating – Very Good!! Her work is extremely good and she is very creative. She brings out the dress looking better than it looked in my head! πŸ™‚
The downside with her is timings! She has not managed to deliver on time on any occasion since I started working with her. This is very frustrating but I always forget all these problems the moment I see her work πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

All the best!!


Kitenge/Ankara Pants

I have decided to add a new category to my blog. I will call it fashion. I get so many messages and calls from people wanting to know where I get my clothes made and also where i buy my fabric. I love all things kitenge and I have on something kitenge nearly every single day. I will be posting information on fabric, fundis(I have many fundis) πŸ™‚ , costs and my experiences with the different fundis here. I hope this helps you make a wise choice and look amazing too.



Printed pants are so amazing but they can be tricky too if made badly. This fundi tried and I like the pants. I wish they were just a little bit bigger though…just a bit especially at the hips. I like to have breathing space! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

Fabric – Nairobi textiles

Fabric Price – 1500

Fundi – Vio (0724908540)

Fundi Location – Jericho Market

Fundi fees – 700

Overall Rating – Good. She did not finish in the time we agreed so you should expect this to happen when you choose to go to her.

All the Best. πŸ™‚



A beautiful ‘mess’!!!!

Do you feel like the odd one out sometimes? Like you don’t fit in and you know you were not created to fit in but you still wish you could just be ‘normal’ sometimes. This brings me to the question, ‘What does normal even mean? Is anyone really ‘normal’? Who set the standard for ‘normal’?

I had such a feeling yesterday night. I was having a discussion with someone about my career plans. I am planning to make a big change in that area of my life and I could see how they were struggling to understand me. See, i am extremely good at Math. I got straight As in Math throughout high school and University. This made everyone around me think that I would pursue a career like Accounting but I hated Accounting. I discovered, to everyone’s shock including myself, that I was extremely artistic too. I proved to be very good at knitting, making cards, writing, baking, singing, designing…. The person was wondering how such extremes can exist in the same person. It’s like bottling up fire and water together. One is ‘normally’ meant to subdue the other. Neither my fire nor my water have been subdued. I understood his concern and after our talk yesterday I was feeling a bit on the low. I am reminded time and time again that I cannot do everything at the same time. However, I have all these gifts bubbling inside of me. I am like a volcano that just can’t stop erupting! The thing is that we are all different. We did not choose how different to be but the fact is we are. Life is a journey of self discovery, a journey of unearthing treasures hidden inside of us. There is a way these treasures were put in us to be a blessing to us and the people around us. Finding this way and living it, IS our purpose in life.

I think the solution here is for each of us to accept that we are different. We should just concentrate on being the best we can be. Let’s not try to conform so we can fit in. Be you, I be me and God will work in us His good purpose!! \o/ Are you a banker who can sing? Find time to sing too because it’s part of who you are! Are you a Pastor who can rap? Please rap sometimes!! That is the unique you that will bless so many. Are you an auditor who can bake? Please bake for your family and friends and embrace the whole you! A computer geek who can paint? How awesome is that?!! Wololo! You guys get the point! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



E. E. Cummings wrote:

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

You are wonderfully made!!



Here, There, Everywhere

I have so much to write!!! Here goes….

I have not baked even a single cake this year. It’s already 17th of January and, NOTHING! 😦 I have amazing ideas already deposited in my heart but I just can’t get myself to bake. I can’t get myself to breathe life into those ideas. Maybe that’s the problem, ‘getting myself’…. Lord help me get rid of this baker’s block! I can’t do it by myself! I have even turned down several orders! Oh my word!! This is actually serious 😦 I have many bananas in the house. If all goes well, i can make my 1st 2014 cake tonight -banana cake- yum!!!

The new year is beautiful. It’s new and pregnant with opportunities, experiences, friendships, challenges etc It feels like the early hours of a morning, with the rest of the day ahead of all of us. I actually started my year on the 1st of December. I went on a 7 day fast just before my birthday. I wanted direction from God about the approaching year. He gave me direction alright :-), though most of the prayer days were spent praying for other people and not for myself. That made one thing clear, one major purpose on my life this year is to pray for other people. To intercede. To stand in the gap. To help carry other people’s burdens. I remember crying to God for a friend of mine who wanted so badly to get a baby and she did!! These days I randomly remember people in the middle of the night and pray for them. I wake up with a specific person in my heart most mornings and I pray for them. Most people are not even close to me but that is beside the point. God places them in my heart and so I pray for them. Sometimes Yahweh leads me to pray for specific things in the people’s lives: covering, strength, business success, victory over a struggle of sorts, encouragement etc. I am enjoying the journey and I ask that God will continue to show Himself strong to His people in 2014.Β 

Friendship has been on my mind for several weeks now. I am learning things that are very interesting. I have friends that i don’t talk to for months on end but they know that they can always rely on me to bail them out of anything without even a second thought. This has taught me that we should not get angry at such friends or burn bridges when communication just dies. Life just happens sometimes and everyone is busy but that does not mean that they do not care. I may not have talked to you for a whole year but I pray for you once in a while, I think of you every so often and I care about you everyday. A one year silence between two people does not make them enemies.

I gave a baking lesson to my girl a few weeks ago and today she baked an amazing cake for her mother in law. I am so happy that she took the lesson seriously and that she is already spreading the love with cake. Baking is first and foremost a way to love on the people around me and then a business second! Never the other way round. Here is a photo of the cake! So beautiful! Proud of you Eva Mageto! :-*

Cake Eva

Fear is an enemy! I have said this before but I am facing fear afresh this year and I know that it can be crippling! It causes you to slow down, to walk away, to stay silent, to let go of people or opportunities that are important in your life, causes you to shrink back, causes you to doubt God and His promises, causes you to go through only half of life. This is like walking with a limp while you are completely healthy! Walking with a limp when you are able to walk straight. Self acquired crutches! This is insane! God has given us freedom and strength to be everything He created us to BE! Let’s purpose to know this God and His promises in 2014! I know we all have a lot ahead of us this year! Let’s not shrink back!
The sky is truly the LIMIT!


Daniel 11:32
But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.