The Human Heart


I woke up early today to decorate a black forest before church. That went well but took a bit longer than expected so I had to prepare for church faster than usual. I left the house looking nice 🙂 with a 2kg cake in hand. I hate missing the Praise and Worship session at church and that is why I was in such a hurry. I catch a matatu immediately I get to the stage and i sit in the front seat with the driver and a tout who usually says hi to me every single morning. Before i continue, i need to introduce this young tout to you….

I do not know his name but he started saying hello to me every single morning since I cut my hair. I leave the house for work at 7am every morning and as I walk past a matatu terminal close to my house, this guy always says “Sasa Mrembo!” Of course, like most girls, i fear these nairobi touts. You never want to get too familiar with them because they are known to be rough, crazy drunkards. However, for some reason, i always respond to his greeting. He is respectful and happens to just like saying hello to me. He never asks for my number which is very cool!! Let’s call him Oti. 🙂

…So Oti is in the matatu that i want to board this morning and he is seated at the front sit, him and the driver. When he sees me, he insists that I sit at the front. I am not very comfortable with this suggestion but I agree so he holds the cake for me as i enter the mat and he gives it back when i am settled. Such a gentleman! God bless his soul. I say hi to him and the matatu starts to move. I open my bag to respond to a whatsapp message and it hits me there and then that i changed bags and forgot to transfer money from the bag i used yesterday to today’s small clutch bag. I start to panic and I want to alight so i can go back home and get some money. I speak aloud to myself and Oti hears me. I am trying to tell the driver to stop the matatu so I can alight but Oti says that he will pay today. I am hesitant but he insists and by now the matatu has moved a long distance. I am left without a choice but in great awe of life and how things turn out. Oti pays for my trip to church and from church. I am greatly humbled and all i could tell him is thank you.

All this reminded me of an incident 2 weeks ago. I boarded a bus with my sister in law and we were so deep in conversation that when we got off the bus, i forgot my phone in the matatu. I realized that i did not have my phone when i got home and as is typical of nairobi people, i knew i would never get it back. However, around 11pm my dad receives a call from a guy who says that he was the tout in the bus and that he had my phone and wanted to give it back. Can you believe that he gave it back and I have it right now?

I have a new renewed hope in human beings. Small and big alike! I learn’t a new never to look down on anyone. The human heart is naturally evil but there are as many truly good souls as there are bad ones. I want to respect and show God’s love and compassion to everyone i come across in this life. You never know who will come through for you when you are in great need like I was this morning.

God bless Oti and all other cool souls all over the world!


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