Life Beats…


I am writing this post in a matatu. First time ever to do this. I have been stuck in traffic for more than an hour. I had a long day supervising some work, I have a bad headache, I also have a cake order due tomorrow morning but I might just let this one pass… Too tired for even my favorite heart work!! Art work!!

Everyone is excited about the year ending and there is a big fuss about Christmas everywhere! I know too that there are others who are jittery about a new year. 2013 seems to have outrun many. Many pending tasks, many dreams that have remained just that, DREAMS! Many bleak souls that are not ready for yet another year…

I personally am stuck in between. I feel like a Vienna between the year that has been and the year 2014 that is pregnant with greatness for me! Sandwiched between the sweet familiar 2013 and the uncertain and unfamiliar and totally fresh 2014. I suppose Peter of the bible felt like this in the seconds between his feet on the safe boat surface and his feet on the cold, unfamiliar and seemingly dangerous water surface!! Keeping his eyes on the maker of the sea kept him afloat. Focusing on the architect of time should keep me afloat too!!

Many of you feel me!! What uncertainties do you carry around about all this new year, old year stuff? Do you feel unready or ill-prepared for 2014? You are not alone and you need not worry! Let’s face it, we did not keep ourselves alive everyday of 2013!! We did not get ourselves home safe everyday this year!! There are times when we thought we wouldn’t make it through some madness but here we are. Let’s put on thankfulness, enjoy family, friends and Grace for the next 15 days! God has been good!

He will be good in the next year and the next and the next! 

He LOVES you immensely!!!!!!



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