Three Point Turn

Failure is a painful thing. Whether in an exam, in business, in relationships or life in general, no one enjoys to fail. This pain and disappointment is worse when you fail more than once. I am not talking as one who has never failed. This month has been the most trying month this year. I was tested to the point of nearly breaking. See, I have been driving without a driving license for a while and I decided to finally go to driving school before the year ends. I enrolled in October in the best driving school (AA), paid an arm and a leg and went through 30 thorough driving lessons. I studied the road signs and soaked them up like a sponge and my teacher was happy with my driving skills. I was  pretty confident about the driving exam when the day came and I aced the theory as expected. However, when we got to the practical, the police officer was shouting at me and i could not think. I froze, blundered and failed! That was on the 5th of November.


I was very disappointed because I have never really failed an exam before and to make matters worse I had told everyone about the exam so everyone kept calling ready to congratulate me for obviously passing :-P!! Haha! That is not even the worst part. I went back the next week to re-do the exam and I failed again. Do you know how it feels to have something unfinished hanging over your head for so long? It’s a very bad feeling. You have half a smile, you start to laugh but cut it short when you remember the exam, you remember the exam when you wake up in the middle of the night….. The feeling sucks!

I cried after that 2nd failure. I asked God what this was all about. Who fails a driving exam twice? Who? How could i face my parents and explain that i failed again? How could i face those police examiners for a 3rd time? I was so stressed!! 😦 I lost weight in a week and always carried around this knot in my heart. My good friend Mwango came to the rescue! She took it upon herself to look for a manual car and for the following 2 Sunday afternoons i drove with her for long hours. She made me start and stop the car like a hundred times. She made sure that I booked the exam and not postpone it til next year like I wanted to. Friendship re-defined!! She literally was my strength during that difficult time of my life! I thank God for her. I hope to be that firm friend to someone. Friendship that moves mountains!

Exam day came yesterday. I was a nervous wreck that morning but I had to face my fear! (Notice the difference in attitude between the 1st exam day and this 3rd time. Failure has a way of messing with your confidence!!! **sigh**!!) Mwango whatsapped me a ‘do not forget list’ LOL!! 😀 I had read those road signs so many times, they made me sick! I got to the location of the exam very early and I was 5th in line for the theory exam. I was praying while lining up. I asked God to remind someone to pray for me. God reminds me to pray for people all the time but this time I was the one in need. I needed a sign and right there a friend in Korea sent a message asking how I was. That was exactly the encouragement I needed. He did not know it but he was an answer to prayer. I asked him to pray for me and he did! Thanks Jawara. It was a miracle process from then on. I got the peace I needed and passed both exams.

I am happy and I want to encourage everyone reading this. I don’t know what hard times you are going through but I know this, that it shall pass. Life is in THE JOURNEY. Learn all you need to learn from the experience, let God love on you through the pain like He loved on me through Mwango and Jawara, hang in there and try again!! Do not give up! Come out stronger, better and with a story to tell!


Food for thought – “God did not take Daniel out of the lions den, he just shut the lions’ mouths…”






6 thoughts on “Three Point Turn

  1. Wow! This has totally hit home. Thanks gal!
    Reminds me of something i once read something like “when you think you’ve come to the end of your road, the Lord nudges you and says, ‘relax my child, it’s only a bend!'” it’s a line that manages to lift me up when the times ahead look really tough.
    ION, congrats for A’cing the test! Yeeeiiii! Now you can deliver your baked delights bila worries!

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