Building or Breaking? O_o


This is not even what I wanted to blog about when I really wanted to write yesterday…. A sort of overtaking happened.
It seems like since I cut my hair, people are more willing to share their thoughts with me. I don’t mind listening to people’s thoughts and opinions about anything they care to share. The problem is when the thoughts are brutal, when they are declared in coarse words acting as daggers, arrows, spears and stones. These words leave wounds, holes and discomfort. See, in the last three months I have received such harsh comments mostly about my hair and also my life in general.
I am usually not concerned about people’s words but when they are thrown at you over and over again from every direction then you start to slowly notice them. This has me thinking a lot about how powerful words are. How careful I’m I with my words? Do I carelessly give my opinion when it’s just that, an opinion!? Do I ask myself how my words will benefit anyone that hears them? Have I broken someone with my words without knowing it?
“You cut your hair and now you look so bad!!”
“You look too thin with short hair!! Why did you cut it?”
“Your turban looks bad. It used to look full and nice when you had hair”
“How did you lose your phone? This is the second time. You are so careless” (Not to mind that I have never lost my phone before and anyone can lose a phone no matter how careful you are)
“You have become so dark!!”
…..and many more such comments….
Do we have to tell people what we do not like about them? My thought is, maybe if it’s something to do with their character or if they are in habits that can destroy them then we can tell them. However, we do not add any value when we go tearing people down about things that are really not important.
I am not saying that we should like everything about everybody, I am sure there are things that people do not like about us as well. We are all beautifully different. Imagine a world where everyone told everyone else what they did not like about them. It would be chaotic!!
Lord help me and everyone who reads this blog to weigh our words before they leave our mouths.
Help also those who are nursing wounds from people’s careless words to heal, to forgive and to move forward!
Col 4:6
Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
Matt 12:36
But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.

So help me God!


4 thoughts on “Building or Breaking? O_o

  1. WORD!!! It’s a struggle but it’s possible, asking God to place a guard at my mouth a sentry at the door of my lips, Psalms 141:3
    I am sorry for the hurt you may have been caused from people’s opinions. I also feel as women, we really struggle with this, instead of uplifting each other we shoot them down.

  2. Totally feel you! Take heart gal, they will try to put you down just so that they can feel good about themselves…have never quite known how that works!
    You are a beautiful gal, and I know those statements will at times get the better of you when repeated over time, but at the end of the day when you look at yourself in the mirror, be thankful for the health and wealth the Almighty has bestowed upon you…and always remember…lazima wataongea! whether you give them something to talk about or not…they will find one!
    Mob love and hugs!
    ps/ me needs to see this new look! 😉

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