My God is REAL.

My phone was stolen like 10 days ago. I was very angry at the thief because thieves reap where they have not sown. I had bought the phone from a friend of mine for 10,000/- and it was in top condition. It was such a good deal!! \o/ I was not planning to buy a phone in the near future because I have many other priorities, many!!! ..So that fateful Sunday after we had spoken at a high school with some friends of mine, prayed over the kids and seen God’s power come down, my phone was stolen on our way home. Loosing my phone hit me hard, i wrestled with God as to why He would allow such a thing immediately after I had served Him so diligently.

I hated the thief so much for a while but I decided to forgive him and to stop replaying the moment in my head. I let the phone go and accepted my ‘mulika mwizi’ phone. I was not on whatsapp and I did not have the instant internet convenience that i had with my other phone. I thanked God that I was alive and asked Him to do with my life whatever He wanted!

Here is the good part!!! :

This morning I got to the office and my friend came to me with a phone in his hand. It is exactly the same make as the one I lost. He recently bought a very expensive phone and this one has just been lying around in his house. He gave it to me and wished me a early “Happy Birthday”. I was so amazed!! So amazed!!! I am still absorbing what happened. I told him a big thank you and I am still laughing at how God works.

I am grateful that I did not have to use a cent to replace what the locust had stolen.

May God replace whatever it is you have lost in your life! May He restore your marriage, your business, your children, your joy, your hope and purpose, your broken heart, your health and everything else you have been asking of Him!!


He is Jehovah Rohi – God our Shepherd!!!


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