Big Brother Thoughtfulness

This morning I was listening to some nice music as I baked and i heard a song that took me to a season 4 years ago. I was in a foreign land with around 7 other amazing Kenyans. We were there for a year and we needed jobs to survive. The most common jobs available to foreigners were English teaching jobs.

I can clearly remember that it was during winter break and since schools were closed, we had a lot of time to work. God availed jobs for everyone apart from me. I was qualified like everyone else, i was friendly and out going like everyone else and i prayed and searched like everyone else but no job came my way.

Winter brought with it a loneliness and homesick-ness that could depress you. This is because all the students had gone to their homes for the Christmas holidays and the school dorms where we stayed were empty! The teaching jobs kept us sane during the day and hanging out together every night helped us pull through the 3 months of winter. I remember my jobless situation became a prayer item every evening with the team. My pride was scarred and I was very mad at God. All jobs belonged to him but he was just not giving me one. I missed home badly!!

You are wondering where the song comes in? I am coming to that soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Kenyan friends were amazing!! They kept encouraging me, praying for me and helping me in the job search. This specific day, Kamari, a friend of mine asked that I accompany him to an English class he had. He was teaching about Kenya in this specific class and he wanted me to help him teach the students a Kenyan tune. (There is the song!!! haha!)

The song goes like this:
“Jambo, Jambo Bwana,
Habari gani, Mzuri sana,
Wageni, mwakaribishwa,
Kenya yetu, Hakuna Matata!”

We had a power point presentation with pictures of our beautiful land and actions to demonstrate the meaning of the song. You see, Kamari could have done this comfortably alone but he chose to ask me to help him so he could pay me. (He knew i could not accept money from anyone without working for it 😀 😀 ) He was creating a job for me. How thoughtful!!! I was so moved and I have never forgotten that day. Rarely do we go out of our way to bless people like that!

Listening to that song this morning took me back to that season of my life. I got a stable job several months after that but I thank God for the lessons He taught me in that time of lack. He taught me to be humble, He taught me to appreciate people more, He taught me to be strong, He taught me to allow people to help me because it’s ok to be the one in need sometimes, He also taught me that I am His child and He will always provide for me.

Thank you Kamari for being a big brother to me! Protective and considerate!! You probably can’t remember this but I thank you all the same!! God bless you sana and meet the specific need in your life today!!! 🙂


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