Lifeline!!! :-)

The past few days have been crazy for Kenya and also for me in my personal life. Life can get deeply difficult sometimes and it’s easy to sink and finally drown. It’s easy to die inside while a fake smile remains on our faces. It’s easy to laugh when in a crowd and cry all night alone. It’s easy to lose hope and become a zombie. A mobile tomb. A life-less yet living soul. These extents are very easy to reach!! Believe me!!

I realized though that God gives us life lines to keep us afloat every single day. We all have life lines despite the pain, the sickness, the disappointments, the uncertainties, the pressure…. The problem is that we do not recognize these lifelines. They are small every day bliss es that can go un-noticed. I decided to notice them and I was and still am amazed!!

Writing this is my life line. Writing makes me feel alive! It’s like a glass of water on a hot day under this Nairobi sun. It’s like a glimpse of heaven πŸ™‚

Baking for my desk mate was such a life line for me today. Surprising her and seeing her feel special!! Such an amazing feeling!!


Talking to my eldest brother about some decision I need to make was my life line yesterday.He is a wise man!! Cool, calm and wise!


Ciku calls me beautiful every time we talk and this has been a life line each time.

I laughed til I criedΒ  when I saw this photo and that was such a life line!! My desk mate found it funny too and we were nearly rolling on the floor πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


The everyday walks to town from work are such a life line. I like how I can get into my own world and think, pray, listen to music or just be silent as I walk.

The pink shoes and scarf today are my life line. They look so cute and the warm pink is giving me a nice, cosy feeling despite the weather.

My friend Isaiah Maghanga was in the area and decided to pop into my office just to say hello! Such a sweet gesture and an awesome lifeline for me.

My friend and workmate Mwango is an amazing lifeline. I am assured of a great laugh every time I am with her. Our conversations are soul full!! I am yet to meet someone that I can be so REAL with! She has taught me about love, about loyalty, about dreaming big, about friendship… Life is no longer black and white to me like it used to be.

A song posted by Joy Waleghwa on facebook yesterday became a lifeline for me. She probably has no idea that my heart was a glowing yellow after i listened to the song! Overcomer by Mandisa πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ \o/Β

My hair is growing so fast and I marvel every morning as I comb it. This growth has reminded me that as long as we are alive we are growing. We can become better, we can correct our mistakes, we can laugh harder, we can forgive, we can change careers, we can say sorry, we can stop that habit… We are alive!! Such a lifeline!!! \o/ Soon I will have my afro back!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


God is my lifeline! His unwavering love for me, His unshakeable self, His promises to me, that He has forgiven me for every single thing, that He never gives up on me, that He strengthens me those days I have zero strength left, that He has all things under control, that He has a master plan for my life, that He is always with me…

Open our eyes to see all the lifelines you have given us Lord so we may walk in faith, in hope and in love!!!

Life is extremely beautiful from where I am standing!


11 thoughts on “Lifeline!!! :-)

  1. Yay! My Mum is my lifeline. I have a new mentor who is becoming a very strong lifeline. This blog is a lifeline. God is a lifeline even when I am confused, lost and in doubt. I have friends that don’t live in the same town, some not even the same country but their lifelines to me continue to grow stronger despite the distance. I realized my Dad is also a lifeline even though we don’t always agree, in his own way he has my back, My cool bro, Mr. Hana maneno mingi is also a lifeline! Did I mention that this blog has become one of my lifelines??

  2. I love it. I love it. I love it!
    This is my lifeline.
    It is a beautiful reminder of all the wonderful small things we take for granted.
    Thank you for sharing.

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