A woman, all God given greatness and A million thoughts

Today I have taken forever to get down to writing this post!! This is because my heart is so full!! Soulful!! haha! Let me see if I can express everything I am feeling and thinking!

First of all, this week I really miss my ex. He was and still is one amazing man! He understood me too well and we had a great time when we were together! After everything, I still respect him very much. I know it is not conventional to write this on my blog but life is short and I have written it because sincerely I felt it!!

I am very observant and I like watching things unfold. This week I was listening and watching the women in my life and they are so similar in some things. As I start to explain this, please keep in mind that most of them are God fearing women. They are special ๐Ÿ™‚

1) A woman wants to be adored! Come on, don’t over spiritualize it. All I mean is that she wants her man to find her as the most beautiful woman in the world. To marvel at her uniqueness, her thoughts and who she is becoming everyday. To show this adoration in the way he listens to her stories, how he looks at her and how he talks about her to his friends and family.

2) A woman is so impressed by a man who values her. By value i mean, he remembers what she told him 10 years ago, he can’t wait for work to end so he can see her, she is the 1st person he thinks of when he needs to share happenings of the day with someone, she is constantly on his mind….

3) A woman loves a man more if he is prayerful. If he prays for her, if he prays over situations instead of despairing when things go wrong, if he asks for God’s opinion in his decision making, if he is submitted to God, she feels safe with such a man. If God is his source then it is easy to submit to him.

4) She appreciates a man who supports her dreams. A man who seeks to know her strengths and pushes her lovingly to be the best she was made to be. A man who understands that there is no competition between them, that by ensuring she is at her best then he is also at his best. A man with hands strong enough to clap for his woman! ๐Ÿ™‚

5) If he enjoys her cooking, if he makes her laugh, if he is faithful to her, if he protects her, if he knows that he is the man!! That’s all!! Oh and texts her first thing in the morning and last thing at night!! *bliss* haha! (Unless you are married of course)

Of course I know there is a lot expected of women but all my girls will easily do their part when the above is in order. Money is not even a big deal. These beautiful women are willing to work with you to gather that wealth. The above man with a vision is enough.

Hats off to all the amazing women in my life!!! :-*

Finally, i listened to Emeli Sande’s “Read all About it” (http://www.metrolyrics.com/read-all-about-it-ptiii-lyrics-emeli-sande.html) and I have decided that I will not hold back anymore!! I want to see myself as God sees me. I want to love like one who has been loved!! I have so much love around me, love from God, from my family and friends and all I can do is share this love. I will use my hands to bless, to bring healing to the wounded hearted, to give to the needy, to clothe the naked and bring a little heaven on earth. I am hugging tighter, laughing louder, listening more, praying longer, loving immensely and spending a few more minutes in front of the mirror ;-)!!! :-*

For as long as I have breath in me, Help me Lord!!!



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