Two Things

I knew I would not be able to sleep tonight until I wrote about these 2 things. So here goes 🙂

Thing 1:

I have realized that part of my purpose in this life is to talk about and help people speak up on topics seldom spoken about! People may think these topics are embarrassing but I believe in talking about anything under the sun! If it affects you then it’s worth talking about!! Today I will write about “when one likes someone but the other person does not feel the same”. I think this is one of the most messed up situations in this life!!! I have been in all sides of this triangle and I think it sucks!! I have been in the situation where someone likes me a lot but I do not feel the same!! I have been in a situation where I really like someone but they feel nothing for me!! I have also been in a situation where I know 2 people, one liking the other but the liked party feeling absolutely nothing for the liker!! Wooii!! Such bad situations. However, in my short life, I have learn’t that dealing with the situation head on will bring healing! Find out the truth, accept it however hard it is and move on a step at a time!! Do not beat yourself up for both liking or not liking! Just be gentle and know that such is life! Life comes with so much but we know that we can overcome because Christ has overcome the world!!!

John 16:33

 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world

Therefore, if you have gone through any of these things or are going through them now, please know that many of us have and have come out in one piece. Face your fear, be gentle and let God heal you!! You will be better than fine!!! 🙂

Thing 2:

I was talking to one cool soul (Nduta Mainda) a few days ago about how people’s paths cross in this life!! This is so amazing!! It’s amazing how God orchestrates every aspect of our lives!! We thought about all the people we have ever met in this life!! How some were to stay in our lives as good friends, how some were for a season, how some were just for a few seconds. Every meeting was mean’t for an exchange of sorts. That guy stepped on you or that rude makanga came to show you how angry you have become lately, that beggar on the street that caught your attention was to remind you of how blessed you are with perfect limbs and a roof over your head, that university boyfriend that is now or soon to be your husband was God’s way of showing you that marriage works and that He ordained the happenings of your life while you were still in your mother’s womb!! People are amazing!! God is amazing!! Let us live everyday to the full!! Let us be open to everyone who we get to interact with throughout our lives!! Let us show love and respect for every soul because there lies in them treasures in these bodies, treasures in these jars of clay!! Treasures untold!!

2 Cor 4:7

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

Though thick and thin, life is beautiful!! Let’s enjoy the ups and downs and grow from strength to strength!!

Live, Laugh, Love!!



7 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Totally familiar with Thing one. Glad that I came out in one piece and all stronger than yesterday. Thanks love.

  2. I love your blog Ndanu! Stumbled on it and I have enjoyed reading it so much I was watching a series and paused it till tomorrow. Your realness is a blessing. Keep qriting from your heart.
    Happy 2014!! 🙂 (-:

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