Thoughts of Yesterday, Today and Forever


I made mistakes yesterday,

I wish I could forget yesterday,

I hurt someone yesterday,

I was confused yesterday,

Yesterday was dark.


Today I laughed,

I thought about decisions made yesterday,

I realize I would make them again,

The decisions brought me back to life,

Maybe I should be sad but am not,

I am happy.

Not guilty,


Not hurt,


Not worried,


Not rich,


Not confused anymore.


Tomorrow looks beautiful from where I am standing.

Hope keeps me happy.

Hope keeps me sane.

Hope keeps me moving ahead and not behind.

Yahweh is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever



2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Yesterday, Today and Forever

  1. I love this deary!

    Makes so much sense about how we are a ball of emotions.. Thank God for all the variety in emotions.

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