Of health, mercy and life!!

I walk down from work to town every single day. It is a good time to exercise, think, unwind, sing, listen to music, marvel at our city and just enjoy me time. Yesterday during my walk I noticed something that made me extremely remorseful ;-(

There is this lady cripple that I see near Serena every evening. There is usually a wheel chair next to her, while she is seated on the hard and tarmacked pedestrian path. She is always there whether it’s raining, or it’s as hot as it is now. Despite being like 30 years old, she is as small as a 2 year old, very skinny and can’t really talk. Her limbs are too weak to support her frame and I did not even know she could move until I saw her crawling yesterday. I saw her from a distance in the middle of the path. This was unusual because usually she is on the side, seated. Yesterday I could see her making some movement as I approached. I wondered what was happening and it only hit me when I got close. She had frailly crawled to the middle of the path to go for a short call. My heart sank! I wondered how much she has gone through in this life. So much that “susu’ing” in front of people in broad day light was no big deal.

I passed by, having so many thoughts in my head! I tried to remember all the hard times I have gone through in this life and I am sure nothing can come close to what that girl has been through. I know it sounds cliche when someone says that we should count our blessings but it’s not cliche!! It is so true!

I am alive! I have a sound mind! I am in good health! All my limbs are strong and intact! My eyes are ok and I can see clearly! I can hear..music, sounds, birds, laughter! I can talk and sing and dance and jump and run and anything else I can think of. I am blessed!

You are blessed too! Extremely so! Let us stop complaining and making excuses! We have all we need, to be everything we were created to be! We are alive!!

Have an awesome weekend people! 🙂






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