Verbalized Awesomeness

Yesterday someone sent the text below to me:

“Hey Ndanu! Trust you are well. Thought so much of you leo its only fair that i let you know. God loves you! dearly so! … He’s put so much in you… you are wonderful!!! Praying for you! Good night. “

It felt good to be reminded of how blessed I am. As if to make sure I understood the lesson well enough, today I witnessed another situation. I noticed that my colleague had a very nice shirt and I told  him. He was so happy and said, “I wish someone would tell me that every morning! I would be so psyked for everyday!”

These 2 incidences got me thinking of how human beings constantly need re-assurance. You might be the most confident person on earth but once in a while you need a reminder of your gifts, your strengths, your positive side e.t.c. There is nothing wrong with this. It is normal.Image

Of course extremes are unhealthy, so I am not saying that we walk around seeking people’s approval and love. It is impossible for other people to see and appreciate what you cannot see and appreciate in yourself. We have to see and appreciate ourselves first then make sure we have people around us who not only point out our weaknesses in love but also celebrate our strengths. People with hands strong enough to clap for others!

We should also not keep good comments to ourselves. If we think something is good, we should say it the same way we are eager to point out bad things. That comment could be the only appreciation they have received in months or even years. That comment could be the one to give renewed hope, renew one’s strength and simply put a smile on another person’s face.

#Team verbalized awesomeness#


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