Third Parent Concept

I have always felt like I had a 3rd person bringing me up apart from my 2 parents. Truth is many people have told my siblings and I how lucky or blessed my parents are to have brought up such well behaved children. None of us have dropped out of school, none of us drink or smoke weed, school grades are good, talents abound, leadership follows us around and in short we stand out wherever we are placed…..all the 4 of us in our own different ways. Of course none of us is perfect and all of us have messed up several times but in the society’s standards we are the perfect children (Apart from the dreadlocks of course which is a story for another day 🙂 ). Many ask my parents how they did it so they can try the same on their kids.

These comments got me thinking and God showed me this “Third Parent Concept”. He humbled me with the following teaching!! He took me step by step through my childhood until now and for sure there is no way my parents could have done it alone. It is not a wisdom of their own. It is not their prowess. It is not their strength that has brought my siblings and I this far.It is this 3rd unseen parent whose wisdom, prowess and strength are the reason we are ALIVE and well.

Maybe I should start with the fact that my dad is a pastor and he used to earn around 6,000 bob until I was 7 years old. However, the church used to pay rent for our family. We lived in a 3 bed roomed house in an ok estate those days. Providence! We went to public schools but the 3rd parent gave us quick understanding and grades were good most of the time. My parents could not afford private school, rent in a posh estate, fancy clothes and all that but 3rdparent’s grace abounds!!

My dad lost his job in the church through very fishy circumstances and in a few days he was jobless. He was stressed as head of the family and you know what he did? He went away for a week or so alone to seek the 3rd parent’s face in prayer and you know what? He came back with an answer. You see like in the case of Joseph of the bible, God had orchestrated the events leading to losing his job in order to bring greater things his way. A few days after dad came back from prayer he got wind of an assistant chaplaincy job at Daystar. He applied and voila… he got it. You will come to see in a few minutes how 3rd parent was taking care of us kids in His plan.

Around 17 years later, 3 of us are Daystar graduates and last born is soon approaching. You see 3rd parent gave Dad favor at His job and he was promoted to senior chaplain and now senior lecturer. That is not the most interesting part.The most interesting part is that because of his long tenure, all of his kids got 100% tuition at Daystar. Dad just paid transport for us and few thousands each semester. We see now that losing his job was for him to get a job at Daystar and in that way our university education, which he would not have otherwise afforded, was sorted! A case of 3rd parent seeing the end from the beginning!!!

My parents had no idea that once I was a troubled child crying myself to sleep. My parents had no idea that a boy broke my heart once when they called me ugly. My parents had no idea that a man was pestering me for sex a while back. My parents had no idea that I once wanted to quit school so bad! My parents were not with me in a foreign land for the 1 year I was away…..My point is that parents are human. They are mortal. They make mistakes. They cannot be everywhere at the same time. They cannot read my mind. All they did is pray endlessly for us, advice, punish, provide the best they could and leave the rest to the 3rd parent. He is the one who took me through all the above crazy circumstances and many more. He healed my broken heart, he told me that I was beautiful over and over again, He helped me say NO to that pestering man, He kept me safe and sane in a foreign land, He has made me the woman I am today. I thank my parents for introducing me to this 3rdparent! It is the best parenting they ever did!! God bless their souls!

Current and future parents, you think you can raise your kids without this 3rd parent? You think having lots of money is all you need to raise good kids? You think your kids are doomed because you lost your job? You think all the books and magazines you have read on parenting are enough to bring up your kids well? You think private schools (in themselves)give your kids understanding? Well I dare say that you are wrong. Commit your kids to 3rd parent, pray for them and with them every day, introduce them to 3rd parent and He will work all things for your good and your family’s. Do not give up on your kids even when things are difficult. Do not worry if you do not understand them. My parents do not understand me many times but 3rd parent understands me and deals with me every single time. You see, “Ameniweza”. All my mum needed to do after she had done all the talking and punishing and it was not working, was to pray for me and I would come along with time.

Children are a gift from God and if you allow Him, He will take care of them when you cannot. You see He is all powerful! He is all knowing! He is omnipresent! He is unchangeable! He is unshakeable! He is unstoppable!  He is enough! He’s got you! 🙂

Yahweh has been and still is my 3rd parent! 🙂


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