Friendship vs Responsibility

I woke up in an awesome mood today despite it being a Monday! I spent the whole morning listening to the beautiful song “Love is not a Fight” by Warren Barfield. I need to sing it perfectly at a wedding in a few weeks. Anyway, in the middle of my blissful morning I got a call informing me that my friend had messed up bigtime 😦

You see she reached out to me to help her a few months ago. She was sinking and needed someone to help her and hold her up. I on the other hand was also going through stuff of my own. I was trying to remain afloat. I shut everyone out because I needed a re-fill. I was totally out. I felt like everyone always emptied me without filling me up in return. People just kept taking, taking and taking some more until I had nothing left. I have always been the pillar of strength for my friends but sometimes this pillar needs support too. Who will support the pillar?

Now, I am so disturbed! I feel like it’s my fault that she sunk so deep. In the past, I have been able to gather strength even in my worst moments to help a soul! Why did I not gather this time? Was I selfish?

I feel also like sometimes we need to encourage ourselves. We need to find the strength within and hold on because life is hard for everyone. I know some people are naturally stronger than others in staying sane through this journey of life, but we owe it to ourselves, to God and to the people who love us to hold on and not give up hope!!

It’s a bit too late for a blame game. I will just be there for her now. She is simply amazing and I will remind her of this fact!! I will love her, help her get out of the hole, encourage her to pick her life up and move on!

God hold both our hands, will you?


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